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Hunting and fishing for a long time were the main human activities, and fish and game - was the basis of his diet. With the development of animal husbandry and agriculture, fishing and hunting acquire a new sense entertainment and recreation, gradually overgrown with traditions and ritual customs.

In the modern world of rapidly developing sport and Amateur fishing and hunting, and hunting and fishing tourism is gaining popularity.

Although fishing and hunting lost its importance and power sources, but the main objectives remain the same - the satisfaction of the instinct of the scout, the excitement of fighting a strong and dangerous opponent and the achievement of adrenaline in the submission of wild, uncontrollable power and rage. The stronger and larger fish or fowl - is considered to be more successful expedition.

It is the extraction of the largest, record instances are based on the idea of trophy hunting and fishing tours.

Our experience and professionalism, its own database, and transport, reliable partners and experienced guides - the key to successful fishing, hunting, and quality recreation!

Megatur, the company long time is engaged in organization of hunting and fishing tours, over the years we have gathered in our team of the best hunters and fishermen, has established partnerships in different parts of the world, have developed and have been many trophy tours and itineraries.

To order a fishing or hunting — is guaranteed to get satisfaction and pleasure from vacation, and trophies!

Booking Premium 5* Hotels, luxury villas, private Islands.
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Extreme sports. Diving, spearfishing, Climbing.

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