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Argentina is positively different from their neighbors on the continent. Is not a poor country, with a highly developed tourist infrastructure, which harmoniously combines originality of the South American culture and all the achievements of the civilized world. No wonder it is called the Europe of South America.
The country of Gauchos, tango and the famous Argentine steaks, it is no less interesting for anglers and hunters.
In the North, in the basin of the paraná river, in the jungle settlements of the indigenous native American population, we can arrange fishing on one of the most beautiful freshwater fish, the Golden Dorado. Acrobatic stunts performed during playing of this great fish, full of adrenaline Your blood, but good wine and grilled steak will finish one of the highlights of Your fishing.
The rivers of Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego was stocked several species of salmon and trout, and now these places are a Mecca for fans of salmon fishing.
Thank about hunting birds in Argentina long been spread outside the country. Hunt for pigeons and doves, countless flocks of which is terrorizing local farmers, became the basis of the hunting tours in Argentina, organized by the worldwide. Well, if You have decided to tickle your nerves and get a spear one-on-one with an American lion – mountain lion, then You direct road to Argentina.


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Fishing on the Orinoco river

Fishing for Golden Dorado is an incredible experience. This strong and stubborn carnivore, with temperament of a tiger, and able to stand up to the most experienced angler and most powerful gear.

Sea fishing in Monte Hermoso
The best accommodation in Monte Hermoso and the best fishing with the family, for which many generations fishing was the only means of existence.