Sea fishing in Monte Hermoso

Monte Hermoso is a small resort town with a population of just over 6,000 people, in the South of the province of Buenos Aires, which is different from all the other seaside towns its warm sea water in summer. The water temperature here, if you believe the official figures are always 5-6 degrees more than the rest of the coast . So this resort has the warmest waves in Argentina.
The main attraction is the beach. It stretches along the coast at the distance of 32 km. Due to its geographical position, is the only city in Argentina where the sun rises from the ocean and sit there.
Sport fishing on the Atlantic coast of Argentina, has not received proper razvitiya. Wdowy here are not trapanotto, Yes fish that is iconic for the angler-athlete here. No demand, no supply. Therefore if You are thinking fishing in these places, the only way is to join local fishermen. Such an option we offer to You and. Our partners, father and son fishermen for whom commercial fishing is the main business. But unlike their brothers on the shop floor, they went on. Cosy guest house for tourists, fishermen, a good strong boat, otlichnye gear and and the constant development of modern techniques of sport fishing.
Yes, fishing in these waters will not impress the size of the trophies, except bite the sand shark, sometimes reaching lengths of over 3 meters, but the abundance of bites that follow one another, will not be bored. And for dinner, perfectly cooked fresh fish with a bottle of fragrant local wine, what else does a fisherman for happiness.

7 km from Monte Hermoso, is a large lake, Laguna Sauce Grande. Come here year-round fishermen, as behera (locally called smelt) , which here is caught is enormous. In 1999 he was caught a record instance, weighing 2.5 kg. Around the lake built complex with everything you need ; coffee shop, restaurant, toilets.
The climate of this seaside resort is very soft, in connection with the influence of sea wind, called a sea breeze. This cool wind is blowing about 15 to 20 days a month and mostly in the evening. Because of this, maximum average temperature in the city is by day 26 ° C, But in those days, when the cool sea breeze is not blowing, the temperature can reach its maximum 40 ° C.



How to get thereHow to get there
From Buenos Aires you can fly to Bahia Blanca (journey time 2 hours) From the airport car transfer with a length of about 100 km. Cost is$30/person. Convenient to Monte Hermoso comfortable night bus company "Plusmar". The cost of a bus ticket increased comfort, running almost nonstop.about 150$ to both sides.

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La Vasquita
Fishing boat length of 10 m, taking on Board up to 10 fishermen


Buses "Plusmar"

The cost of one fishing day for one person 450$
Double occupancy
food with a bottle of wine per angler per day,
transfer to the boat
a day of fishing.

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