Fishing on the Parana river

Where: the paraná River in South America. This is the second longest after the Amazon river in the region. Length from the confluence of the tributaries – 4380 km Flows through the territory of three countries: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.
Source: the Parana River originates at the confluence of the rivers Rio Grande and Paranaiba in the southern part of the Brazilian highlands. The river empties into the Gulf La Plata of Atlantic ocean near Buenos Aires.
Tributaries: Right rivers: Tietê, Pasi, iguaçu, Paranapanema, Uruguay, Iwai, of Pakiri, Corrientes, Gualeguay. Left of the river, Paraguay, San Javier, Rio Salado, Comancheria, Aguapei

The water level in the paraná unstable in the rainy season there are floods and floods. The ichthyofauna of paraná is represented by over 300 species of fish. On the territory of Argentina, the paraná flows in the North-Eastern part of the country, in the river plate basin lowlands. In this part of the paraná riverbed is not deep and calm, often overlaps with wetlands of ibera.

Golden Dorado - agressive predatory fish, striking with its beauty. Instances of length up to 1 meter and weighing more than 20 kg, gold shimmer - coveted trophy for every angler. Strength, powerful jaws, sharp teeth and a rebellious nature fully justifies the nickname of tigre de rio (river tiger), which local fishermen have christened the Golden Dorado, and make the Golden Dorado is a worthy opponent for even the most experienced anglers. Desperate resistance when playing, jumping on the surface, a constant voltage tackle - the key to an indescribable excitement and fun of fishing for Golden Dorado.

Our company offers a fishing tour in the heart of the jungle of Argentina where in the creeks of paraná is home to the most large representatives of this predator. Careful preparation of the tour and the experience of our guides - those factors that make fishing in Argentina for Golden Dorado unforgettable and exciting adventure.

Fishing district: the Province of Cordoba (Argentina). The Parana River. Fishing will take place in areas where hunting Golden Dorado (fallen trees, rocks, pits), the depth of the river in these places from 50 cm to one meter.

The technique of fishing: spinning, fly fishing.

Boats: 16 ft aluminum boats equipped with four stroke motors Yamaha 40 HP

Fishing program begins with the first rays of the sun every day At noon in order to take refuge from the midday sun, the fishermen typically return to the Lodge for lunch, relax in the afternoon back out on the water before sunset. If the day is hot, you will begin fishing at 6:00 am to 11:00 a.m., lunch at 12:00 after Siesta you will start fishing at 16:00 and finish by 20.00. If the day be a normal temperature, you will start fishing at 7:00 a.m. and will break for lunch at 12:00. You can change the time of fishing they desire.

The program 5ночей/6полных days of fishing:

Day 1. Arrival in Buenos Aires. Meeting. If necessary, hotel accommodation for one night (depends on the time of arrival of the aircraft).

Transfer to bus terminal. 20.00 departure of the bus.

Day 2. Arrival at the bus terminal in San Isidro at 05.00 h, road transfer to the Lodge (travel time 30min). On arrival Breakfast, fishing till lunch, lunch, rest to 15.30 - 16.00. Fishing. Return to the Lodge for 20.00. 21.00 – dinner.

Days 3,4,5,6. Fishing.

Day 7. Fishing to 19.00, Dinner at 20.00. Check out the AU bus terminal at 22.00.

Day 8. Arrival in Buenos Aires transfer to the airport.

As for the whole subtropical region of the Argentine Mesopotamia, for the province is characterized with heavy rains and high temperatures with small daily and seasonal changes, especially in the North, but without the dry season.
Average January temperature: 27°C.
Average July temperature: 15°C.
Average annual rainfall: 1400 mm.
Relative humidity: 75%.
How to get thereHow to get there
From Buenos Aires to San Isidro regular buses VOSA Luxury service on Board. Journey time-9 hours. From San Isidro to Lodge predostavlyaetsya car Shuttle service (journey time 30min).
Can optionally be provided with private transfer:
1. 18 seater Mercedes. (journey time 8 hours, 750 km)
2. Private jet flight. 01.35 hs.
Dorado gold, Pak, Surubi.

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Season: from September to June and the best fishing - September, November, January, February, March, April, may and June (this depends on the phases of the moon). (December is the hottest month in this region, from which the fishermen is hard on the water and predatory Dorado less active in the daytime). Because of the huge diversity of fish species, good fishing is guaranteed in all season long.


The Lodge can accommodate up to 8 fishermen, located in a picturesque place on the Bank of the river, in the heart of protected wetlands, with an area of 350 000 acres that are home to the Golden Dorado. More than 30 years, Mario Batheaston fished in these areas before choosing a place to build a fishing Lodge, and it really is. The Lodge has 4 comfortable, air-conditioned, double rooms with queen beds and a large bathroom. Chef Lodge will delight You with traditional Argentine and international cuisine.


. The VOSA bus Luxury
VOSA Luxury bus with service on Board. Comfortable leather seats recline 180 degrees, music, television, toilet. Pillows and blankets, a hot dinner, dessert, Breakfast, snacks and drinks (water, juices, whiskey, wine, coffee, tea, mate). Journey time-9 hours. Stops no
The cost of the program:
4700$ per person 5 days/4 nights

1. All the transfers.
2. Double occupancy at the Lodge (5ночей)
3. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, soft drinks and 1 bottle of wine per person per day
4. boat and one guide per two fishermen (6 full days of fishing)
Not included:
1. international flights
2. Tips to guides and staff
3. rental gear - $20/day

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