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Covered with vast forests, mountains and lakes, this land is the ideal place to enjoy a variety of adventure that can't wait to sail with a backpack traverse its trails, climb up, and then catch some fish. Fishing in Bosnia and Herzegovina deserves special attention. Low fishing press, and explain the mentality of the Muslim population and the effects of the recent war (still on the forest trails and river banks remained mined sites and without knowing the area of a guide to go there is undesirable) and a serious oversight for the safety of fishing resources, have kept the local rivers for the angler of the athlete. Come here for grayling, trout but most importantly for the legendary Danube taimen.

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For trout on the river una
Surprise attack the bait, and the tremendous power of this fish, which is manifested during the fight with the fish, leave an unforgettable impression.
Fishing on the river Drina
Fishing for trout in Bosnia