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Brazil - the largest, by area and population country in South America occupying almost half the continent. The Eastern part of Brazil bordering the Atlantic ocean.

A large part of Brazil is the Brazilian highlands, with peaks up to 2000 meters in the Eastern part. In the North - the Amazonian lowlands covered with tropical forests. The South-Western part of Brazil, the Paraguay river basin, is one of the biggest moorland of the world Samir marshy Pantanal.

Brazil has an extensive network of rivers and lakes - the two largest rivers of South America, paraná (South) and Amazon (North), proceed through its territory. The lakes of Brazil are mainly located in river basins, the two largest lakes, Lagoa Mirim and Patos, located close to the ocean coast in the South of the country.

The fauna of Brazil is striking in its richness and variety - only primates more than 70 types. In the waters of Brazil are described more than 3,000 species of fish. This wealth and the poor knowledge of species leads to constant changes in the ecosystem - there are always new species and endangered species to completely disappear. To preserve populations, in Brazil created a large number of protected reserves and parks.

Fishing in Brazil

Fishing in Brazil is an adventure that will impress the most discerning anglers. More than 3000 species of fish of different sizes, shapes and colors, the breathtaking landscapes of rivers and lakes, powerful, confident bite and the adrenaline rush when playing big and strong fish - mandatory attributes of fishing in Brazil.

The variety of fish and water bodies allows to arrange fishing on predatory fish and peaceful, both from a boat and from the shore. And on the East coast available sea fishing in the waters of the Atlantic ocean.

As a trophy in the rivers and lakes of Brazil meet Aravan's, Arapaima, Bicuda, Brikon, Pyara, Paku, Pararara, Surubi, Trahira but the most popular was the fishing Peacock bass.

Peacock bass (Cichla temensis) is a large, beautiful and powerful predator, a worthy adversary for every angler.

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Fishing on the Rio Mare
The basin of the river Rio Mare is one of the sacred places to catch trophy peacock bass
Fishing on the river Itapira
The Lodge's remoteness from inhabited places and the lack of fishing press promises exciting fishing
Fishing on the Rio Trombetas
The Lodge is situated in one of the most remote areas of the Amazon in 100km. from the nearest settlement.