Fishing on the river Itapira

“Itapura Lodge”, one of the best places in Brazil for catching trophy peacock bass (weight up to 11 kg), located South of the state of Roraima, in the almost unexplored parts of the Amazon rainforest. The Lodge removed from inhabited human places, the nearest village is 5 hours away by speed boat.

Package “Standard”, 5 days of fishing / 5 nights

Day 1 morning transfer from Manaus airport to the Lodge. Breakfast. Fishing.
2-5 day Breakfast at 6:00; start fishing at 6:30; full day of fishing to 17:30 dinner.
6th day Return to Manaus in the morning

package includes:
• full Board and drinks (local alcohol).
• Boat and room for two anglers accompanied by guides.
• Flight Manaus/Lodge/Manaus. (weight limit for baggage is 20 kg per person.
• transfer airport/hotel/airport

package does not include:
• fishing tackle
•the costs of the road to the city of Manaus, accommodation in Manaus.
• Fishing licenses.
The daytime temperature typically ranges from 26 to 36 degrees. C., in the evening can drop to 20 degrees. Heavy tropical downpours can occur even during the "dry season", so don't forget to bring raincoats.
How to get thereHow to get there
Upon arrival in Manaus You will be met by the Lodge, with which you can make a 80 minute flight to the Lodge (Luggage weight of 40 pounds).

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High season

Perch peacock Jan Jul
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Perch peacock
The fishing season starts in early October, after the rainy season when the water subsides and returns to its natural riverbed. At this time the peacock bass are most active strikes of any lure. A drop of water on the spot of her spill formed numerous creeks and lakes, they are the best places to search for perch. The season ends in early April. Peak fishing is in between 25 December and 15 March.


The entire Lodge is designed to accommodate 28 guests in the main building can accommodate 18 people and 10 cottages. It offers comfortable rooms with two double beds, air conditioning and bathroom with hot water shower. Full Board and local drinks, including alcoholic (import not included).
In the main cottage there is satellite TV in the lounge and a small pool. It offers free Wi-Fi. Outdoor bar is open from 5:30 PM to 10:00 PM. Downstream the river is about 60 km Located luxurious duplex cottages.
The Lodge has satellite TV, Billiards, pool, satellite phone, a bar and Internet access.
On-site runway aircraft Piper Cheyenne III, which, if necessary, for 80 minutes will take You to the city of Manaus.
Meals: Breakfast starts at 6 a.m. and includes fruits, juices, pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh pastries, and jelly. You can dine in the hotel or on the beach with the previously taken food. Dinner with meat and fish dishes is served at 19-20h..


Fishing boat in Itapira Lodge
Fifteen 17-foot aluminum boats with swivel seats and motors 25 and 40 HP can accommodate two fishermen and a guide.
Despite the fact that we are trying to predict the best time curiosities tropical weather is such that even in the dry season can go by heavy rains. While rising water and the fish the fish becomes very weak. You must be willing to take the risk.
The package price for 5 days from 3540$ per person