Fishing on the Rio Trombetas

Rio Trombetas (Río Tambor) - the river flowing ro the Brazilian state of Steam, is a tributary of the Amazon. The length of the Rio Trombetas about 760 km, Direction Rio Trombetas often interrupted by rapids and only in the lower reaches, the river becomes calmer and maybe shipping. Rio Trombetas forms several lakes, one of the largest - Erepecu do Lago, in the district of Porto Trombetas (a port on the Rio Trombetas).

The shores of the Rio Trombetas malaysary, located along the banks reserves.

Our company offers a tour with the fishing on the Rio Trombetas. Major trophies: arawana, Arapaima, Bicuda, Brikon, Bass peacock, Payara, Puck, Pararara, Surubi, Trahira. Thanks to the protection of the state, the lack of navigation and roads, the nature of this region remains intact, but undeveloped fishery,or rather its absence, can expect a rich catch of fishing.

In the U.S. there are three climate zones: Equatorial, tropical and subtropical. Seasons in Brazil, with the exception of the Northern region, directly opposite of the European.
How to get thereHow to get there
Direct flights to Brazil no. There are several flight options and they all include a connection in Europe. Daily flights Air France to Rio de Janeiro and são Paulo suggest a stopover in Paris. Daily flights Lufthansa (in conjunction with the national Brazilian airline Varig) to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with a stopover in Frankfurt. Flights by aircraft of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines to Sao Paulo possible with an overnight stay in Amsterdam. Flights British Airways to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo make the connection in London. The flight time is usually from 17 to 19 hours including the connections.
Fishing season: August-February


The Lodge is situated in a remote area of the Amazon (the nearest town is about 100 km), on the banks of the river Rio Trombetas.

Despite the remoteness from inhabited places, the Lodge is quite comfortable, with double rooms (two beds odnopolnye). The Lodge is designed for simultaneous stay of up to 18 fishermen.


Fishing boats in Rio Trombetas
10 aluminum boats with motors 15L.with designed for two fishermen
The cost of the program excluding transfers from 1625$ per person.