Coastal fishing on the island of Sao Antao

Tarrafal is a small village of fishermen and farmers on the West coast of the island, which was forgotten, owing to its inaccessibility, and civilization came to them only at the end of 90-ies. There is a small school, a health centre and several bars and small shops. Tarrafal has the largest sandy beach in Santo Antao. Given his position and the mountains that surround the Bay the sea is usually very calm from March to December.
Peace and quiet, friendly welcome Creoles, a gorgeous beach which was chosen by sea turtles for breeding year round warm comfortable climate and of course the unforgettable fishing. Across the Bay, on the shores of which stands the village, migration routes of tuna, whales and dolphins.
Types of fishing on San Antao:
- casting, all year round (fishing with a spinning lure, Popper and so on) from the shore or from boats boats. Trophies from aberdesach, Wahoo, tuna to Marlin.
-surfcasting, year round, fishing from the sandy shores of the beach. "Nou stress" kind of fishing. We offer our guests fishing on the "secret spots", desert Islands and seldom visited beaches.
-rockfishing, fishing from the rocks on spinners (popery) and live bait. One of the most exciting "budget" kinds of fishing. Especially on light tackle.

The climate is dry tropical, the average temperature of July-August around 28..32°C, Jan-Feb 23.. 25°C. the water Temperature in the ocean: February-March 21.. 22°C, August-October 25.. 26°C. On the Islands, the wind blows constantly, which helps endure the summer heat. Precipitation during the year falls a little, mostly in January and February. Unlike most African countries, Cape Verde has a very healthy climate and lack of typical African diseases
How to get thereHow to get there
From the city of Mindelo (island of Sao Vicente) by ferry in 40 minutes you reach the city Port (port of OO. Sao Antau) and then 2-2. 5 hours on bezdorozhyu by jeep to the village of Tarrafal.

The schedule of the ferry from Mindelo Port New-Mindelo
Exit from Mindelo Arrival at the Port of New The output of the Port-New Arrival in Mindelo
8.00 9.00 10.00 11.00
8.30 9.30 10.30 11.30
14.30 15.30 16.30 17.30
15.00 16.00 17.00 18.00

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The best season for tuna in August, September, October, and blue Marlin from mid-March until the end of July, but the probability of catch remains in the other months. Also note that the amberjack, bull sharks, tiger shark, Mako shark, white Marlin, sailfish, yellowfin tuna, Spearman, Golden mackerel, swordfish, Wahoo, garopa, Moray eel, Stingray, jeu caught in the waters of San Antao all year round.
January and February in Cape Verde are usually accompanied by winds and storms, however, Tarrafal is located on the leeward side of the island and the wind here has not been a significant hindrance to fishing.


Guest house “Marina Taraval”, consisting of 4 apartments near the beach, 50 metres from the ocean.
- one apartment with one double bed,
one with two single
- two apartments with three single beds.
Each room has a separate entrance and its own terrace with garden access, a toilet and a shower.
The host experienced fisherman and cook, who are often surprised by their dishes, even the owners of elite restaurants. For this reason, regardless of your chosen place to stay, to eat, we suggest.

Вилла с тремя спальнями. Вилла расположена на крутом холме на высоте 400м над океаном. Самое комфортабельное и дорогое проживание в этой части острова, однако подъем к ней от моря по крутой извилистой дороге длиной околло 700м. Поэтому есои Вы остановили свой выбор на этой вилле, мы предлагаем арендовать автомобиль с водителем.


On San Antao for fishing using traditional wooden 6-meter boats with outboard motors. They comfortably accommodate 3-4 fishermen. Certainly far from the shore they will not leave, usually not further than 3-5km from the coast, but the coastal fishing here will give You a lot of trophies.
The cost of the basic program for 6 nights for four people in a double room is 3700 euros.