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Republic of Chile — a country in the South-West of South America. In the country includes Easter island (Rapa Nui, 3700 km), Juan Fernandez (700 km to the West), a vast archipelago part of the Tierra del Fuego in the southern part of the country, as well as many smaller Islands. Is a long strip of land between the Pacific ocean and the Andes. On the West by the Pacific ocean, borders with Argentina, Peru, Bolivia. Chile is a country of contrasts, its length from North to South and 4,300 km Therefore, the tourism in Chile is divided into geographical zones.

1. NORTE GRANDE (XV, I , II Region): Arica and Parinacota, Tarapaca, Antofagasta in the region is the most famous BIOSPHERE RESERVE LAUKAA , which includes :
1) national Park laukaa (now Parque Nacional Laucа),
2) the national reserve of Las Vicunas (Reservado Las-Vikunyas),
3) salt lake Salar de Surir and his ecoystem (Lago Salar de Surir).
So Parque Nacional Laucа consists of : Lago Septage and Lagunas de Cotacotan Park is 165 kilometers from Arica. On the one hand, the lagoon of Cotacotani surprise for its volcanic islets which seem to float on the surface of the water. And lake Chungara, one of the highest lakes on the planet (4500 meters above sea level), captivating waters, where the impact of giant volcanoes Parinacota and Pomerape.
2. NORTE CHICO (III , IV Region): Atacama, Coquimbo: this area is the most arid desert in the world. The Atacama desert has nearly 20 astronomical observatories, among which the Observatory Paranal on top of the mountain Cerro Paranal (2635 metres above sea level). 3 km from the Observatory and 200 m below the hotel is located at the European southern Observatory ESO Hotel, half built into the mountain. The concrete part of the hotel, serving on surface painted to match the mountains. The hotel has a gym, pool and 2 gardens. In 2008, at the hotel of the Observatory took place the shooting of the film about adventures of James bond "quantum of solace". Fortress Pucará de Quitor, which dates from the XII eyelid. The most famous place in the Atacama — moon valley (Valle de la Lunа)— desert area located 15 km West of San Pedro de Atacama. Since 1982, this valley is part of the national reserve Los Flamencos (Reserva Nacional Los Flamencos). Amazing stone sculptures covered with a crust of dried salt, and why sometimes it seems that the surrounding landscape as if covered with snow.
3. ZONA CENTRAL (V, VI, VII, VIII , RegiMetropolitana op): Valparaiso, Libertador Bernardo O'higgins, Bio Bio La Moneda ( Palacio de La Moneda)- the official residence of the President of Chile, Vina Del Mar (Vina del Mar) is known as the garden city located 10 km from Valparaiso, Cerro Bellavista "Hill with a beautiful view", the Holy Spirit funicular (Ascensor Espiritu Santo), Maipo ( Maro) active volcano on the border of Chile and Argentina. Is the highest mountain peak, which is on the border of the two countries (Chile and Argentina). Río Los Cipreses National Reserve, Parque Nacional de Las Palmas de Cocalán is in the region of O Higgins. The name of the Park comes from the palm forests endemic to this part of Chile. Here there are millennial forests of Chilean palm trees (Jubaea chilensis). The most notable by-product obtained in the Park – the famous palm honey.
4. ZONA SUR (IX, XIV , X Regiоn): Araucania, Los Rios, Los Lagos: the Most beautiful trek of the Sierra Nevada (Sierra Nevada), Laguna Captren, Los Carpinteros, Villarrica national Park (Parque Nacional Villarrica), the island of Chiloé ( Isla de Chiloе).
5. ZONA AUSTRAL (XI , XII Regiоn): Aisen, Magallanes. Fjords: the Famous national Park Torres del Paine (Torres del Paine National Park), the fjords of Kintype (Quintupeu), Kawelka (Cahuelmo), Puyuhuapi (Puyuhuapi), Quitralco (Quitralco), thermal springs of Kawelo (Cahuelmo), Quitralco (Quitralco), Porcelain (Porcelana), Puyuhuapi (Puyuhuapi). Laguna San Rafael (Parque Nacional Laguna San Rafael), Mramorna caves ( Marble Caves).
EASTER ISLAND (Isla de Pascu) is the most remote inhabited island in the world, the nearest inhabited place — Pitcairn Islands — 1819 km, while the continental coast of Chile — 3703 km. Easter Island named by its discoverer, the Dutch Explorer Jacob Roggeveen, because it was opened on Easter day in 1722, this island Also known as Rapa Nui (big Rapa). Form Easter island resembles a right triangle. The island is of volcanic origin. At the corners of the Islands are extinct volcanoes: Rano Kao (324 m), PUA-Katika (377 m) and Terevaka (539 m, the highest point of the island). The capital of Easter island, the only permanent settlement, Hanga ROA located in the South-West of the island. Near the city is the airport Mataveri. The main attraction of the island — stone statues — moai Rapa Nui word for word with images.
Chile is a Paradise for those who love to do fly fishing and sport fishing. In the lakes and rivers of Chile practiced saltwater and freshwater fishing, where you can experience four types of fishing: spinning, fly fishing, refund and trolling.
The River Loa, Caleta Barquito, Puerto Viejo, Beach Salada.
Lake Todos Los Santos, Lake Villarrica, llanquihue Lake , it offers Bungalow accommodations, Algarrobo, Coquimbo, El Tabo, Cartagena, Las Cruces, Rocks of Santo Domingo.
Lake Elcho (with the world famous island, In the middle.) Elizalde, Rosselot, Risopatron, Verde, Rios Futaleufu, Uspallata, Penitentes, Grande, Azopardo, Serrano and the Strait of Magellan.
In these places you can find a variety of types, although the most common are: the most desirable and well-known Pacific salmon, Chinook salmon (king salmon), tuna, sunfish, sawfish and Pacific cod. The number of salmon, which the country exports to the world market Chile is among the five leading countries of the world. Also caught trout and trout.
The SEA FISHING SEASON IN CHILE lasts all year round, but the most favorable months for fishing off the coast are considered February and March. It was during this period off the coast of mass appears cod, which brings larger predators.
The FRESHWATER FISHING SEASON IN CHILE runs from December through April. It was during this period in Chile attracts anglers from all over the world for salmon fishing in the mountain rivers.

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