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Egypt - the oldest state in North Africa (part of the territory of Egypt is on Sinai peninsula so in fact, the state is located on two continents). Coast of Egypt by the waters of the Mediterranean sea (Northern part) and red sea in the East. In Egypt stretches Suez canal, sedinami both the sea and which is strategically important object for shipping. The Suez canal serves as a conventional boundary between Asia and Africa.

Capital: Cairo
Currency: 1 Egyptian pound = 100 piastres
Official language: Arab

Most of Egypt is desert, the climate is tropical, with extreme variations in day and night temperatures. Summer heat during the day can reach 50°C in the winter is slightly cooler with an average temperature of about 25°C, at night can drop to 10°C, and from desert to below zero. Very little precipitation.

The water basin of Egypt is the only country river - Nile one of the largest rivers of the planet. The main part of the channel of the Nile and Egypt passes through desert areas and does not have tributaries in the lower reaches of the river splits into many branches, forming one of the world's largest river deltas with an area of 24000 km2. In the Nile Delta located fertile valley with a pleasant climate, this place was chosen for the living representatives of the most part of the fauna of Egypt - crocodiles, hippos, giraffes, antelopes, monkeys, various species of reptiles, over 300 species of birds. In the waters of the Nile dwells a lot of fish (about 2,000 species) are diverse in color, shape and size. In the middle reaches of the Nile created one of the largest reservoirs in the world - lake Nasser, with an area of 5120 km2 and a depth of 130 meters.

Traditionally, Egypt attracts tourists for its long history and historic monuments of ancient civilisations, pyramids, temples, palaces, Alexandria monuments of ancient Greece. A lot of tourists go to Egypt for a beach vacation, diving, surfing and fishing.

Fishing and Egypt

Fishing in Egypt attracts anglers from all over the world variety of fish and the possibility of combining fishing with traditional tourism, beach recreation, diving or surfing. In this country possible sea fishing in the waters of the red sea (more than 1,200 species of fish), and freshwater - along the river Nile or on lake Nasser. Due to the variety of types of fish in Egypt is catchability any tackle and equipment fishing - spinning, fly-fishing, bottom-float. Fish in Egypt from the shore and from the boat.

Sea fishing in the Red sea, an interesting and unusual colors of fish, the main trophies are Albacore (or Albacore tuna), Barracuda, Goatfish, Wahoo, Grouper, Emperor,, Trevally, garfish, Sailfish and many other marine fish species.

Freshwater fishing on lake Nasser attracted, above all, its main trophy - Nile perch one of the largest presnovodnykh fish, weighing up to 170 kg. of Large trophy fish Nile perch are caught, mainly by trolling, but you can fish from the Bank. The beauty in fishing for Nile perch - his playing with stubborn resistance, powerful jerks and high candles. Meet at the fishing in the waters of lake Nasser and other inhabitants of the freshwater African catfish, tilapia, tiger fish, and, of course, the Nile crocodile.

Going fishing in Egypt do not forget about security - many types of local fish are poisonous and can easily spoil the experience of staying in this picturesque country.

Trophies Trophies


Fishing in the Governorate of the Red sea
Fishing in the Red sea is especially good in the southern regions of Egypt. Here close to the border with Sudan, local fishermen engaged in fishing a little. This makes the catch in the southern waters of the unexpected and rich.
Fishing Safari from Hurghada
Six days fishing Safari in the Red sea - a new look at Egypt
Fishing on lake Nasser
Of special interest lake Nasser calls in wanting to compete with the owner of this place, giant Nile perch, the weight of which can reach up to 180kg. This trophy is the pride of Egypt.