Fishing on lake Poulose

Located in the Eastern Finnish lake Poulose - part the waters of the lake systems of sayma. In the ice age lake Puruvesi was separated from the main waters of the hilly ridge of Punkaharju. Lake Puruvesi is located in the center of the triangle Punkaharju-kesälahti-kerimäki. The maximum lake depth is 60 meters, and visibility from the surface to a depth of 11 m. the lake has many Islands, some bare rock, some beautiful sandy beaches. There are on the lake and plenty of shallows - the favorite places of salmonids. it was the largest caught on record lake salmon, his weight was 12.4 kg.
Poulose (or Puula) is the thirteenth largest lake in Finland. It is famous for its picturesque landscapes, clear waters and excellent fishing. On lake Puruvesi you can fish both from a boat and from the shore. Cast on 20 meters or less is usually sufficient. Since the lake shore is mostly rocky or shingle, it is easy to move around (also szabadka). Pula is considered one of the best waters of Finland for trolling. Many Islands and bays of the lake are places fans of pike. Pike and perch are well caught at the bottom of the threshold Laskoski Vuosilta open waters, which flow into the darkish waters of lake Kyyvesi. Water district Pouransari on West from Minami also with dark water, there are also perch and also large pike at intermediate depths. Amateur pike you have to show real skill and ability this rugged lake.
Perch caught in the shallows of open waters at a depth of 4 meters when the water temperature reaches 17 degrees.
Good egg, located near lake Puula: lake Kyyvesi, Rwakasisi, Swantee, Eeserve, thresholds Laskoski and Gukalenko.
Summer is warm and Sunny, the night is cool. Average daily t = 17-20 C.
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The cottages are located in the South-Eastern part of Finland, in the region of Mikkeli-Kangasniemi, just 240 km from Helsinki airport.

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High season

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Pike are active throughout the open water season with the exception of a short period immediately after the ice melts. The best time for catching large fish is may to June, and autumn, when water temperature in the lakes is lowered. The spawning begins at a water temperature of 12 ° C. Limits on catches of pike there.
The best time for catching salmon and trout is the period after the ice melts until mid-June, and fall until the first ice.
The best time for pike - the beginning of June - end of September. On warm summer nights pike perch hunts for small fish right at the surface of the water.


On the high Northern shore of the lake Poulose magnificent cottage called Sirppilahti. Guests staying in the cottage waiting there for comfortable stay, peace and quiet and amazing beauty of the Northern nature.
For children there is a small sandy beach, and the yard is perfect for children to play. Fishing can start right from the pier, and look for mushrooms and berries and did not far to seek.
The cottage has three bedrooms (two of which are located on the second floor) and are United with kitchen and dining lounge.
On the second floor in addition to the two bedrooms there is a spacious lounge with a double sofa bed and a spare bed. There is also one of the two toilets in the cottage. The door of the hall leads to the spacious balcony, which offers stunning views of the lake. On the ground floor, plus shower room, toilet and electric sauna.
A traditional sauna heated with wood, standing right by the lake. In summer, thanks to a convertible sofa in the rest room saunas can serve as a fourth bedroom.

The plot on which the cottage is situated, is a gentle slope with a huge amount of blueberry bushes and fortified coast. On the shore is a traditional Finnish wood-burning sauna, which is nice to relax at any time of the year. In the rest room saunas you will find a sofa that summer at desire it is possible to accommodate two people.
In principle, during a vacation in the Country Emile can forget about trips to the grocery store: fish can you catch in the lake, in the forest to gather mushrooms and wild berries, and the farm, located 600 metres from the cottage, to purchase potatoes, strawberries, granola and even made here natural sweetness. Shop at the farm open all July.
The interior of the cottage is designed in the style of an old Finnish farmstead. Two walls of the house framed by a spacious terrace, sitting on which you can admire the fabulous Nordic nature. Gorgeous views and from the balcony of the cottage. On the ground floor of the cottage there is a kitchen, living room, sauna, shower room and toilet. On the second floor – three bedrooms, a toilet, a lounge with a sofa bed.


Rowing boats and outboard motors
On the lake it is possible to rent additional boats with or without a motor. On lakes where the use of sensomotoric banned, you can rent a motor with two batteries and charger. Lovers of active rest we offer Canoeing.
Silver Colibri
Colibri Silver - aluminum boat equipped with an engine power of 20 HP. The usual rental period is one week. The boat can accommodate up to four people, but the best two or three fishermen. The boat is equipped with a graphic plotter HUMMINBIRD HELIX 5 CHIRP GPS G2 and fish. On the plotter shows the official routes, boating lake Kyyvesi and lake Puula. We recommend you to follow these routes.
The rental price for a week € 650
Alutroll is built in Finland aluminum fishing boat. Used for fishing with a guide. Length 605 cm and a width of about two m. the Boat comfortably accommodates six people and is equipped with a Suzuki engine with 140 HP
The vessel is equipped with the latest technology. For the convenience of fishermen here already three sounder: Lowrance HDS 10” Fishfinder-Chartplotter Lowrance 7” Touch Lowrance 7” HDS. Raymar autopilot will keep the boat on course even when you will be busy catch. During trolling we use Scotty downriggers and holders for fishing rods During the same fishing spinning boat stands still with engine Minnkota Riptide iPilot with GPS navigation.
Guided fishing: 690 euros for 1 day of fishing, duration of fishing 8 hours
Pontoon boat
Pontoon boat you can rent for independent fishing or just boating.
Maximum occupancy 10 persons or 800 kg.
Length: 5,25 m.
Width: 2.5 m.
The rental price for a week 850 Euro
Buster X и XS
Buster X Length 5,25 m Width of 2.01 m. Engine 20L.with.
Buster XS Length 4.15 m Width 1.65 m. Engine 25 HP seats – 4
Buster M
Designed for independent fishermen who want to travel quickly from one fishing spot to another
Engine power: 40 HP
Speed: 35-40 km/h
Group size: maximum 4 adults or 3 adults and 2 children (max 350 kg)
The cost of renting for three days - 670 Euro
The cost of renting for a week - 1050 Euro
Linder Sportsman 400
Length: 4 m
Width: 1.6 m
Motor: Yamaha 15 hp
Rent for days - 460 Euro
The cost of renting for a week - 650 euros
Tuusport 475
Maximum occupancy 2-3 persons
Length: 4,75 m.
Width: 1.7 m
Engine: Tohatsu 9,8 Hp
The cost of renting for a week is 550 euros
Hirvas 400 R
Maximum occupancy 3 persons
Length: 4 m
Width: 1,55 m.
Engine: Mercury hp 5-6
The cost of rent for 450 euros a week
Mini - Buster
Maximum occupancy 3 persons
Length: 3.6 m
Width: 1.5 m
Engine: 9.9 m.
The cost of rent for 450 euros a week
Fishing kayaks
The cost of renting for a week 330 euros for a single kayak or 480 euros for two kayak

The cost of renting cottages from 1119 Euro/week up to 1684 € /week depending on season and class of the cottage.
Extras final cleaning and bed linen.
A rowing boat is included in the rent
A fishing license 15 € / week / person
The cost of a 6-hour fishing guide - 600 EUR/group up to 8 hours - 750 Euro/group.
The boat can accommodate up to 5 people