Fishing on the lake, cottages soukkio

Every angler at least once in my life heard of fishing in the region of South Savo. The most famous of this region of Finland has brought its largest lake Puula and Kyyvesi. We want to draw Your attention to lake smaller, but no less rich in fish, and most interestingly, in addition to the standard neabore - Zander, pike and salmon in the lake cottages soukkio in addition to other fish rainbow trout while fishing in the rapids can go to the nearby rapids Gukalenko, Ruavista and Laskoski.
Ways of fishing: fishing with jigs, fly fishing, fishing with ice fishing spinning reel, trolling fishing rod.
The surrounding area is a great place for picking mushrooms and berries. Even in the courts you can find chanterelles, porcini and blueberries. The nature of the region can be enjoyed during forest walks: the forest is easy to pass by both, and the length of the paths is several kilometers. Shore of lake with gently sloping hard sandy bottom that is ideal for those who come on holiday to Finland with the children.
The nearest town of Kangasniemi, located 20 km away where you will find supermarkets, cafes, pharmacy, shop "Alko". In the winter you can diversify your vacation skiing - ski centres "Hakarinteet" and "Tornimaki" only about an hour away.
Finland is characterized by moderate continental climate, which from the North is affected by the North Atlantic current. The winters are quite mild and snowy, Summer temperatures reach 25... 30 °C, which contributes to the rapid heating of the water in lakes and the sea.
How to get thereHow to get there
Bream, Salmon, Perch , Sudak, Trout, Pike, IDE.
The pike spawns in may. However, if you go to the beginning of the month, there is a risk that the ice on the lakes have not melted. Year on year is not necessary: sometimes the ice melts in late April, and sometimes only to the tenth of may.


Villa Cottages Soukkio will please even the most demanding guest. Located on the shore of the lake among beautiful pine trees, a cottage and a large summer kitchen with fireplace, perfectly fit into the landscape.
Natural motifs are visible in the interior of the cottage: for example, stone themes in the spirit of Rock and Lake are reflected in the design of the shower room. The rest of the interior of the cottage meets the bright Scandinavian style. One bedroom cottage, cottages soukkio located on the ground floor and three on the second. The sofa is 120 cm wide and can accommodate two more people. The cottage has three toilets on the ground floor, sauna and shower room on the ground floor.
Also on the ground floor of the cottage there is a spacious living room combined with dining area and kitchen. Such spatial resolution allows our guests to spend time together even while cooking. The cottage is equipped with Underfloor heating and automatic ventilation.
Located just 20 metres from the shores of the sauna cottage, cottages soukkio is heated with wood. It is also home to the shower room and toilet. Equipped with washing machine, drying Cabinet and other equipment for household room will significantly simplify the everyday life of the tourists. A partially covered terrace area of approx. 60 m2 with view of the lake will be a nice addition to relax in a Finnish cottage.
Prices from € 1725/week

Villa Lempi is a new, built in 2013 and equipped to a high class cottage. Kitchen, living room and dining room cottage Lempi form a single space, which gives the opportunity of being together even while cooking. Spend time making your meal and in the large summer kitchen, where reigns a very special atmosphere.
The cottage has four bedrooms and a total of 9 beds. Extra beds on a convertible sofa 120 cm wide Three bedrooms located on the second and one on the ground floor. The cottage Lempi three toilets on the ground floor, sauna and shower room on the ground floor. Shower room and toilet equipped so it was easy to move people in a wheelchair.
Wood-fired sauna cottage Lempi also meets all the requirements of accessibility and safety for people with disabilities. It also means that for a large family there's room. And taking a shower, the children can hold convenient and sturdy support. The yard with a gentle slope to the lake is also an ideal place for children . From the sauna to the beach just 20 metres away.
The entire wall of the cottage facing the lake is framed by a terrace of about 60 m2. Terrace facing South-West, and in fine weather the sun is not out with her almost all day.
Prices from € 1725/week

Saaronniemi is a unique creation of nature appeared after the passage of the glacier, a long and narrow headland on the edge of which now is the same cottage and lakeshore sauna and roofed grill.
If you look at a map of lake cottages soukkio, you can see that the cottage Saaronniemi is located near the center of the reservoir. Due to the location the sun never leaves the yard all day. Enjoy the rays of the afternoon sun is especially nice sitting on the spacious terrace of the new saunas. Enjoy the same sunset from the baths, a large window which faces West. This may be sure that in this window You nobody will look, because the nearest neighbors already in the 400 metres. Silence and tranquility are guaranteed!

The cottage Saaronniemi two bedrooms, each of which has two beds. The sofa in the living room can accommodate two more people. In the kitchen you will find a set of dishes for 8 persons, all necessary utensils and appliances.
While relaxing in the cottage and grill is an indispensable thing, because it's nice to cook something on the coals. Roofed grill Saaronniemi cottage located on the edge of the promontory, just meters from the water. At the disposal of guests there is also an electric grill.
Renovated in 2013, the coast sauna has a steam room with a wood burning stove, shower, toilet, room with fireplace. Magnificent terrace comes right up to the water. Here shallow shore, hard sand bottom. Depth at the edge of the jetty is about 1.3 meters.

Cottage Tiilikka (Tiilikka), and also lakeshore sauna and roofed grill is located on the island area of about one hectare. Tiilikka is the ideal place for those who want to spend their vacation in Finland in a secluded place away from the bustle of the city. The island is connected with mainland bulk bridge, so to get to the cottage by car. In order to understand the unique location of the cottage, you need only look at a map of lake cottages soukkio.
Cottage Tiilikka is ideal for relaxing with family and friends. The cottage has three bedrooms (one of which is on the second floor), dining-room, spacious living room and fully equipped kitchen. In addition the cottage has a shower room, toilet and electric sauna. Traditional Finnish wood-fired sauna on the lake shore. Thanks to the two convertible sofas, spacious lounge room saunas can serve as a fourth bedroom.
On the plot there is also a grill house, a carport and a sandpit. The accommodation is provided with a rowing boat and a gas grill.

The cottage Kiviniemi (Kiviniemi - translated stony point) a speaking name: it is, in fact, is located on the rocky ledge. However, due to land works here now has a soft lawn, and a sandy beach.
Gorgeous cottage and lakeshore sauna with kitchen and lounge for use all year round, and the shore is gently sloping yard area perfect for kids.
Cottage Kiviniemi built in 1997, in 2010 it was renovated. The cottage has two bedrooms, one with double bed and another with two single beds. The sofa in the living room can easily accommodate two more people. Kitchen and shower room fully equipped. The cottage has an electric sauna.
Sauna's magnificent new coastal building built in 2013, is heated with wood, there is also a walk-in shower. Kitchen, thanks to insulated Windows and floors heated can be used in the winter. The sofa in the dining area converts into a double bed.
Thanks to its location and large panoramic Windows, it offers gorgeous views of the lake cottages soukkio. In the evening you can enjoy the view of the setting sun.
Price from 950 EUR/week

Kotiranta is a delightful small Villa, located in a secluded area on the shore of the lake. From the nearest neighbouring cottage is 150 metres away the forest. This is perfect for a family or small group who appreciate traditional Finnish holiday cottage.
The cottage is located on the Eastern shore of lake cottages soukkio, so the sun never leaves his yard and beach throughout the day. The lake cottages soukkio there are pike, perch and bream. On the beach there is everything you need to fish.
In Kotiranta can accommodate four people. Twin beds located in a separate coach house, the main cottage - a sofa bed on which can sleep two more people. The cottage has both cold and hot water and you can drink it straight from the tap. The fridge has a freezer compartment. The lack of an oven can compensate for a good microwave oven and two-ring electric hob. Summer is an important attribute of the holiday cottage, of course, is the grill. On the terrace of the cottage Kotiranta them already two: electric and traditional grill over charcoal. Electric grill used for Smoking. For lunch you can sit directly on the terrace for the street a wooden table.
Sauna kotiranta cottage is heated with wood. In the steam room in addition to the traditional VAT of water there is a modern shower. On the sofa of the locker room, if necessary, can accommodate one person. Toilet cottage Kotiranta is located on the street, but don't worry - it's clean tidy room with no odor.
Prices from 420 euros/week

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