Fishing Lodge "MANGO CREEK"

Lodge "Mango Creek" is a luxury resort recognized as one of the seven most romantic vacation spots in the world. It is located on the small island of Roatan in the Caribbean sea. near the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef – the largest barrier reef of the Caribbean sea and the second largest in the world (after the Great Barrier Reef of Australia).The width of the island is only 8 km and a length of 77 km, Is the location of the island, and neposredstvenno Lodge, makes it very attractive for anglers, because to the best fishing places can be reached by boat in less than 2 minutes.
To give attention to each angler who came here and to avoid excessive fishing pressure, the Lodge is designed to accommodate 8 fishermen at the same time, but in the case of larger groups, it can pull additional boats to accommodate guests on the island. Maximum capacity of Lodge 26 people. Odzh offers 5 luxury Bungalow, standing on stilts right in the water and rooms in the main Lodge.
You can fish at the Lodge from dawn to dusk, alternating fishing from boats and from the shore. Experienced fishing, GTDi always at Your service.
Your main trophies will be bonefish (albula), Tarpon, permit.
Techniques of fishing: fly fishing and spinning
The mountainous terrain of the country is characterized by a great variety of climatic zones. In General, the climate of Honduras is estimated as a tropical trade wind. North shore is cooler than Central and southern areas, but the amount of the rains are much more besides these areas often attacked by powerful storms. The Pacific coast is much calmer, the rain falls only in summer, and from November to may lasts the dry season.
How to get thereHow to get there
С города на побережье — Ла Сейбы паром на остров Роатан отходит два раза в день. Время в пути - полтора часа.

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The quality of the catches in this area depend on the season, so choosing your time of arrival guided only by the weather.


boats Panga
The cost of one day of fishing from 525$ tax