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Guatemala city (Guatemala) is a country in Central America. Despite the small area (108 889 km2), Guatemala ranks first in population among the Central American countries. Population density - 119 persons/km2.

The shores of Guatemala are washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean (South coast) and Caribbean sea (Eastern part of the country). Most of the Guatemalan territory occupied by the Andes (highlands of the Sierra Madre) with the volcano , Tajumulco (4220 m, the highest point in Central America). There are 33 volcanoes, the last eruption Dating back to 1541 (the volcano Agua) and 1965 (the volcano Pacaya). Thanks to the volcanic activity in Guatemala frequent earthquakes, the most powerful, which caused death and destruction, occurred in 1773, 1976, 2012, and 2017. There are also frequent hurricane (Mitch (1998), Stan (2008), Earl (2010), Agatha (2010) is only the most powerful of hurricanes in this region). Flooding and landslides from hurricanes and storms cause the formation of karst failures, the most famous crater - a Black hole (30 meters in diameter and 60 meters deep), formed in 2010, after the storm Agatha.

The climate of Guatemala is tropical and temperatures vary depending on the level of elevation, the coast - from 23 to 27°C on the plateau - 15-20°C. In the winter months (December - January) the temperature in the mountains can drop to -10°C, and the plateau - to 0°C.

Most of the Guatemalan territory is covered by forests, which is the source of precious wood - rosewood, balsa, mahogany. Fauna, mostly represented by tropical animals - porcupines, tapirs, armadillos. In the forests on the coast meet iguanas up to 2 meters in length. About 2000 species of birds described in the territory of Guatemala.

Despite the poverty and high crime rates in the country, Guatemala attracts tourists from all corners of the planet. The resorts, treasures of the ancient Maya, the opportunity to plunge into the world of the pre-Columbian era, the national parks and reserves with unique landscapes that are of interest to tourists in Guatemala.

Fishing in Guatemala

In Guatemala it is very popular for sea fishing. Among the fishing trophies - Wahoo, a Dorado, snapper, rooster, Tuna. The greatest interest among the fishermen call fishing for Marlin and sailfish. Due to colliding currents, off the coast of Guatemala are excellent natural conditions for the habitat of this species. Already 3 kilometers from the coast you can find large schools of Pacific sailfish. Guatemala is recognized as one of the best places for fishing at this fish - 15-20 bites per day will not get bored even the most fastidious angler. In Guatemala, there were multiple records of fishing sailboat as a traditional tackle and fly-fishing.

Offering fishing in Guatemala, we are mindful of the reputation of this country and choose a place for fishing and relaxing only in the safe areas.

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