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Croatia, a country where the sea meets the Alps, gives a lot of interesting places for anglers. Here the mountain river, full of grayling and brown trout and is famous for its records, carp lake, and of course the Adriatic sea, which attracts a good population of bluefin tuna.
Croatia is very attractive to the tourist. The proximity of its location, mild climate, long fishing season, the low price and the opportunity to combine fishing with a holiday for the whole family. Considerable importance is the ease of communication, speaking slowly and using simple sentences You will understand.
The Croats are very kind to their nature, the laws of the sport and Amateur fishing very tough, but that is what causes the wealth of fish in their ponds and the pleasure that You get out fishing in this country.
Going on vacation in Croatia, please contact us and we will find the fishing tour and for lovers of sea fishing and for fans of fly fishing or carp fishing.

For hunters Croatia offers a full standard list of hunting fauna, except that the prices are neskoliko lower than in neighboring countries. And there are two trophies that make this country interesting for hunters - goat KRI-KRI and the Dalmatian mountain sheep. Hunting them is carried out on uninhabited Islands Adriatiki with the probability of taking the trophy up to 99%.

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Sea fishing in Croatia
Sea fishing in Croatia is primarily the hunt for trophy tuna, reaching here more than 400 kg weight.
Fishing on the Gachka River
We invite you to go fishing on the river and the sea, in sunny Croatia!