Fishing in West Papua

Venue tour: West Papua, the island of Lucaya.

West Papua (indon. Papua Barat, Irian Jaya Barat) is a province in Indonesia on the island of New Guinea, on the North by the waters of the Pacific Ocean in the West Kerenskogo sea, to the South, the Arafura sea, and bordered to the East by Papua New Guinea. West Papua province lies on a Peninsula Cendrawasih, which means the Peninsula "bird's head" Peninsula Bomberai and adjoining South-West the Raja Ampat Islands in Oceania. The province and the entire island of New Guinea, known for its great biodiversity. In 2006, a month and a half of research in the coastal waters of the Peninsula of Bird's Head a group of scientists have discovered 24 new species of fish, many of which are likely not found anywhere else on the planet. All scientists were described 1233 species of fish found in the waters of West Papua the Bird's Head Peninsula.
The Western part of New Guinea is considered to be one of the few regions on the planet, still unexplored by man. In the studies does not help even satellite photos of the region. Over the thick Western forest constantly hang dense clouds, not allowing to look into the center of the impenetrable jungle of space.
Most recently, in 2005 a group of American researchers found the area in the Western part of the island, which is dubbed the "garden of Eden". People found several species unknown to science animals, including "bird of Paradise" - chasteberry Berlepsch, which was previously thought to be extinct. All found animals are completely wild and afraid of people. The researchers were even able to hold a long-billed protegido, which is freely admitted to his person.
West Papua is one of the least developed and economically backward provinces in Indonesia, where most of the indigenous population lives scattered isolated groups in the coastal zone and in several fertile valleys, engaged in tropical agriculture, hunting and gathering. Extensive deep areas are unoccupied. Between the cities there are no roads to move around the province have or by sea, or by plane.

Safety: Vaccination against hepatitis A and B and yellow fever required for all travellers over the age of one year. It is recommended that vaccination against malaria or to have a tablet of Malarone.

Major trophies - giant trevally (GT's – giant trevalley), yellowfin (yellowfin tuna), Napoleon (napoleon wrasse), coral groupers. The location of the camps allows in case of deterioration of weather to go to the Delta rivers and diversified marine fishing freshwater trophy barramundi (white seabass). This is a very strong fish and very respectable size, its weight may reach 60 kg.

The minimum group - 8 people
Duration - 8 days
Boats 10-12-14m with two engines at 75 l/s. In each boat three fishermen, captain and assistant.

  • Day 1: arrival in Cayman. Shopping,purchase alcohol and (more throughout the tour there will be no hint of civilization). Optional overnight at the hotel or directly transfer to the port.and three hours by boat to the island of Lucaya.
  • 2 to 3 day: 5:30 Breakfast 6:00 departure on a fishing trip - return 11.30. Stay up to 14.30 - fruit, sandwiches. from 15 to 17:30, fishing Around 18,30 warm dinner.
  • Day 4 optional change of the base of the island.
  • 5-8 days, on a schedule of fishing the previous days.
  • Day 9 : 5:30 am, 6:00 departure for fishing ago 10:00 we pack the boat, moving to Cayman. Stay at the Beach hotel is air-conditioned Dinner in the city (seafood)
  • Day 10: Breakfast at hotel, transfer to airport

Papua lies in tropical and subtropical climates where high humidity and the average temperature ranges between 25 and 30 ° C. at Night in the mountains the temperature can even fall to 15 ° C. Because during the expedition we will be in one of the largest rainforests in the world, be prepared for high humidity and temperature
How to get thereHow to get there
Flights to Jakarta with one change in Qatar, Istanbul or Amsterdam (the journey time is 16-17h). From Jakarta flight to
Cayman with a stopover in Sorong (journey time-7 hours). Further on boats 3-3.5 hours.

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Season of the tour:
  • the best period is October-November
  • a good period of March-April


Accommodation on the Islands in the Papuan villages, overnight in hammocks.

The tour is accompanied by a fishing guide Gregory Borowski (spoken languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Polish)

The tour price 3300 per person (excluding flights)