Fishing on the rivers of Iceland

The laws of Iceland govern fishing, not only very harsh, but also quite confusing. Almost all freshwater reservoirs are privately owned. Many rivers flow through several private parcels have several owners. Each of them had to get permission to fish. As a rule, co-owners of the rivers join clubs to jointly manage their water. The clubs themselves or allocate fishing license or sell this right to specific companies. The price of fishing permits is determined by the number and species composition of fish in the river. License to catch salmon in good locations, often sell for a few days (usually 3 to 7) in the package with a set of other services. for example, transfer, guide, meals, lodging, renting gear. The owners of the reservoirs also independently set the rules for the used techniques of fishing, the most part allows only fly fishing, some allow fishing spinning reel and often even share the season's fishing on fly and spinning periods.
The names salmon and trout rivers of Iceland are long list, some of them more popular and familiar to every angler, others are less well known to foreign fishermen. Do not try to understand this abundance of rivers and their parts, leave it to the professionals and they will find You fishing most appropriate to Your requirements. So here we present only a few river sections, but if You are a fisherman's Paradise, we can pick out the river taking into account season, fishing technology, living conditions, topologically fun...

LOWER RANGA (lower Rank) formed by the confluence of Western and Eastern. Distance from Reykjavik city 90 km away. All salmon of the Eastern and Western Rank rivers pass through this river, which is about 50,000 fish.
The fishing season for salmon from 24 June to 24 October, the best time is from mid-July to late August. Since the second half of August is the sea trout (record weight 8,200 lbs.)
Fishing time: 16:00 to 22:00 and 07:00 to 13:00 (or 15:00 to 21:00)
Distance from Reykjavik city – 180km

FOSSA salmon river in the South of Iceland for fishing at the end of the season. Considered the most beautiful river of Iceland. The fossa river waterfalls (Foss in Icelandic means waterfall), is 16 km of amazing pools for fishing. The river is divided into 2 bits, 2 rods each. In this river never conducted intensive fishing, and not catching the fishermen are foreigners to the 2014 season. Only allowed sport fishing. Prime time for salmon here – September. Trout can be caught throughout the season.
Trophies: trout (up to 8 kg), salmon (up to 11 kg)
Season: Trout –July – Oct, salmon - September
Distance from Reykjavik city – 180km

FNJOSKA located 10 min drive from the capital of the North Iceland city of Akureyri. Over 40 years fishing in this river was allowed only to the members of the local fishing club, in connection with which the fish stocks of the river is preserved in its original extent, moreover, due to the distance from the Reykjavik city prices on fishing in this region is more appropriate.
Best season from 29 July to 20 August. The fishing day is split into two stages from 7.00 to 13.00 and 16.00 to 22.00

YUTRI RANGA (Western Rank) - one of the best salmon rivers in Iceland. The source of the river at the foot of one of the most famous volcanoes of Iceland – Hekla. The proximity of the volcano affect the composition and temperature of the water, and this affects the number of fish. Salmon feels in these waters comfortably, which explains the huge number of fish in the river. In 2008 in Western Rank was caught the greatest number of salmon — more than 13 500 tails. The owners of the land carried out a special programme for the production of fry. The force of the current and the temperature of the water in the river is always constant. The water is almost always clear and changes color only after heavy rains. All this makes the river an ideal place for salmon fishing.water spring, clear and very rarely changes color (due to floods or heavy rains), the water temperature and the power flow is always constant. The river is divided into plots 2 rods on the site. Such sections of about 7-9 (depending on season). The average fish weight – 7 kg
Fishing season: June 23 - October 10, Best time: July 5 - August 20
Distance from Reykjavik city – 180km

BRENNAN located in the South-West of Iceland on the proposed site length of 1.5 km Kaidan summer caught up to 500 pieces of salmon and a lot more trout.Brennan Junction pool with 300 - 500 salmon caught each summer plus a lot of sea trout. The fishing area is approx. 1,5 km.
Techniques of fishing: fly fishing (June and July), spinning (August and September)
Distance from Reykjavik: 94,5 km
Would be Iceland's harsh sub-Arctic country, if not the Gulf stream that gave the land the mild winter and short cool summer. Although the island vladychestva constant winds, the Icelandic climate is good for human, No wonder the average life expectancy is about 80 years. Summer - during the white nights, The warmest summer month is July, with temperatures up to 15-20'C. July and August are considered to be in Iceland's high tourist and fishing season.
How to get thereHow to get there
Flights to Reykjavik provide the airline "MAU", "IcelandAir", "SAS" and "AirBaltic". All daily flights connecting, the transplant will take place in one of the European cities.
Salmon, Trout.

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High season

Salmon Jan Jul
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec
Trout Jan Jul
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
The owners of each of the rivers themselves determine when they are "open" and "close" their water. Importantly, the total season length does not exceed 105 days. Regulated also the length of the "fishing day".


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Лодж на реке Фосса - котеджный городок, состоящий и комплексов коттеджей по 30, 40, 80 и 100 кв.м. разного уровня комфорта и вместимости. На базе оборудованные площадки для гриля, горячие ванны на открытом воздухе, отдельные коттеджи для приема пищи и общих сборов на 40 чел, ресторан.

Лодж на реке YUTRI RANGA - один из лучших рыболовных лоджей Исландии, вмещающий 40 гостей, размещающихся в 20-ти двухместных комнатах. (все номера с удобствами), просторная гостиная / столовая. В отдельном здании – ресторан, бар, комната отдыха.

Два коттеджа на реке BRENNAN, которые идут с рыбалкой. Коттеджи имеют две двухместные спальни, спальный лофт, кухню- гостиную с гидромассажной ванной на веранде. 


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