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The Ebro river or the Rio Ebro in Spanish, is the most important and largest river in Spain. The name of the river Ebro is derived from the Roman name of the river "Ebro", which may have led to the name of the whole Iberian Peninsula. Wetlands of the Ebro Delta are an important destination for many migratory birds and a wintering place for more than 300 species of birds, a vital source for many river animals and endemic flora. In 1986 EEA territory was declared a natural Park Parc Natural del Delta de l'ebre.
For those fishermen who dream about record trophy catfish, perch and carp, river Ebro is the Mecca. Fishing in the river Ebro known as the best fishing in all of Europe.
The length of the river is approximately 928 km (576 miles) basin area 85 500 km2 . Ebro originates in Fontibre (Cantabria) and meanders throughout Spain, expanding in low-lying areas, tapering in the mountain, flows into the Mediterranean sea.
The proposed Lodge is located in the best location of the river Ebro, near the village of RIBA Roja, and fully utilizes the full potential of the river in favor of the fishermen. The owners of the Lodge, professional fishermen from Serbia owns not only this property but also by a network of fishing shops in Serbia. Here You will not only enjoy great fishing, friendly welcome and professional advice, great equipment and communication with peers. If You are a novice angler, the best place for acquiring necessary skills, You will not find. It is connected not only with an abundance of fish, but with the constant support of professional fishing guides who patiently will train You in all the finer points of river fishing.
In most parts of the territory of Catalonia has a Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and mild and relatively rainy winter.
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From Barcelona airport Shuttle services.

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Given the mild climate, the fishing in Spain is good all year round. But usually for walleye the best months from December to April. At this time catches the largest instances originally from 5 to 8 kg. In the rest of the year walleye also caught well but the number of captured specimens in the catch is less.
The biggest catfish caught in the period from September to January.
Carp caught is always good but in the winter months the larger. The average size of fish caught in these places carp is 12-15 kg, in the winter months up to 20 kg, and the record in our camp - 21 kg, caught in January. Carp less than 10 kg is rare


We offer several options for our guests. There are six comfortable chalets, accommodating from three to four. Each Chalet has its own bathroom and a small kitchen and a plot in the yard.


Boats and places for fishing from shore
The cost of a week's fishing trip from 625 EUR per person