Trout Safari on mountain rivers of Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan - country of pure water. Cascading from the mountains streams and streams merge into rivers and form the purest lakes. Many rivers and lakes teeming with fish. Of course our main target is trout, and the rivers of Kyrgyzstan usual three species. However, of considerable interest for the angler sportsman and present the other inhabitants of the local waters, especially local endemics, Osman (4) and Marina (4 species).
Fishing in the mountain rivers of Kyrgyzstan could be called the employment – to catch fish in the turbulent flow difficult. Practice and spinning, and fly fishing, and float. A definite advantage, however, is the fly fishing and float fishing, but anglers will have to work the bait quickly brought to flow from areas of potential Parking lot of fish. You were on the mountain river? Searing cold, turbulent rapids, all the rages, rushes, and there she lives the brook trout. Silvery, mottled back, a brisk strong, it is every second fighting for her life in this "mad flow" and will have to try to catch her, she will spare neither rod nor shipped – nyr under a rock and cry your "shimano" is not bitter tears, but just sobbing. Strong, fast same rapid as the river, it will not give you a second of relief, just spray and beauty you good-bye wag of the tail. And how many fishermen crazy, how many makes a run along the shore, it's impossible to appease this fisherman - passion - in his eyes, a moment's peace here and there, every second, every inch is key to success.
The rules of fishing in Kyrgyzstan: Allowed fishing rods, spinning rods, fly fishing, vertical jig, mugs and imitation fish not more than 5 pieces to the angler, the boat track without the use of motor boats. One angler put no more than 10 hooks regardless of the number of rods.
Fish: Sevan trout (6 kg), Marina (up to 8 kg). Osman (up to 8 kg), rainbow trout (up to 10 kg), Amudarya (wild) brown trout.
The main fishing place:

  • Chong-Kemin river, originating at the junction of the ridges, the kyungey-Ala-Too and Zailiyskiy Alatau. It flows through the Chong-Kemin valley and empties into the Shu within the Chui valley. The length of the river is 116 km from Bishkek - 460km. The tour lasts from 2 to 5 days.
  • Naryn. Flows through the territory of Issyk-Kul, Naryn, Jalal-Abad regions of Kyrgyzstan. Naryn's length is 807 km, the basin area from 59.9 thousand km2. Formed by the confluence of the Big and Small Naryn, the Naryn, which rises in the glaciers of Central Tien-Shan. Flows in the mountain valley, sometimes in the narrow gorges. Distance from Bishkek – 680км. The tour lasts from 3 to 5 days.
  • Uzunakmat (Uzun-Akmat) and Karakuldja river (Kara-Kuldja). Uzunakmat river originates from glaciers and snow massifs of the Talas Alatoo and flows into the Toktogul reservoir. In the upper reaches the river flows in a deep mountain gorge with very steep impassable rocky slopes, sometimes covered with coniferous forest. In the middle reaches of the river is in a shallow gorge with steep banks. At the bottom of the river enters on the plain, consisting of two terraces. The bottom of the river, across the river, rocky. A major tributary of the river Uzunakmat – Karakuldja river, carrying its waters through a narrow mountain gorge with rugged slopes and bare cliffs. The right-Bank slopes of the valley are covered with coniferous forest. The channel of the Karakuldja also rocky, littered with the debris of rocks, scree. The distance from Bishkek, 700 km and the Duration is from 2 to 5 days.
  • The Kekemeren river is formed by the confluence of Susamyr and Western Karakol, runs for 200 km in the valleys of the Inner Tien-Shan and flows into Naryn. The main trophies are the Amu-Darya trout and Common Marinka. Amudarya trout feeds on benthic organisms, larvae of aquatic insects and worms, flying insects and small fish. The maximum weight of 4 kg. the Body of camerashy trout more elongated than in brown, and the meat has a reddish hue. There is a distinction and taste, which resembles the meat of salmonids. Common Marinka is prevalent throughout Central Asia. It inhabits the upper and foothill areas of the Indus, Helmand, Tarim, Amu Darya and the sources of the Syr Darya. Marinka omnivorous fish. Its diet consists of aquatic invertebrates (larvae of caddisflies, mayflies, beetles, worms), aerial insects, young frogs and small fish (loaches, minnows). A large role in its nutrition also plays aquatic vegetation, filamentous algae and flakes of detritus. The most preferable time for fishing in the Kekemeren spring months in the period of increasing water level at which there is an intensive development of the larvae of aquatic insects. The larva of stoneflies, at the end of the aquatic phase of its development, is the main food for all fish species in the river and the best bait at this time. Trout are actively biting on a rotating spoon and fry. Fall trout are also good takes on the whitebait and minnow, and the Marina on the grasshopper. As a rule, trout in the river kept apart, but in some cases, usually in the evening, collects in pools and backwaters, as shown by the spikes on the surface of the water. The accumulation of the backwaters in the evening is typical for Marinka. Cases accumulation in the backwaters just Marina or just trout. The number of fish in the Creek or on the reach is determined by their size and location of these places relative to the main channel. Plays the role of the location of the backwater on the inner or outer part of the bend of the river.
    When considerable water transparency in early spring and autumn months, the most active biting is celebrated in the morning and evening hours when it is not very light. For the angler, in this case, it is important to own gear that will allow the time of sunrise or sunset to catch the greatest number of fish. During the spring-summer flood, when the water in the river is not entirely clear or turbid, the bite usually doesn't stop all day. Distance from Bishkek – 520км ). Tour duration of 3 to 5 days.
  • River valley of West Karakol is a huge space, which has preserved the pristine natural landscapes. Here there are places that are virtually uninhabited, and where it is impossible to meet people in a radius of tens of kilometers. Silence, broken only by the sounds of the wind, evokes an incredible feeling of serenity and combines with the surrounding nature. If you travel along the river, you can see the small springs gradually moving into a powerful flow, the width of which reaches 60 m.
    Distance from Bishkek - 440км. The tour lasts from 3 to 5 days.
  • Red river. Red, the river is called because it carries tiny particles of iron oxide and after a swim it to shore getting slightly reddish. Distance from Bishkek – 140km. The tour lasts from to 5 days
  • The Aksay River. Distance from Bishkek – 1200 km tour Duration from 4 to 7 days
  • Barskaun gorge (Barsovo gorge) is located on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul lake in the floodplain of the same river. The length of the gorge is about 10 km away. the Gorge is famous for its waterfalls. One of the most famous — "tears of bars" ( Barskoon Tosor). A small Creek flowing into the river Barskaun — gold, and on Sunny days, little grains of Golden sand sparkle from their banks. Distance from Bishkek 800km. The tour lasts 4 to 6 days.
  • The river Suusamyr it starts from the watershed of the Ala Bel pass (3184 m), runs through the homonymous valley and merging with the Western Karakol river, forming the river Kekemeren. The river dominates the Scaly Osman, which is a typical inhabitant vysokogornyh sections of all rivers of the Tien Shan. Scaly Osman almost never occurs below 1500 m above sea level. In the diet of the Scaly Osman dominated by filamentous algae and larvae of water and air insects. The maximum size of 50 cm and weight up to 3 kg. Fishing is carried out on the lowland section of the river at an altitude of 2000 to 2700 meters, and in some cases slightly lower in the rapids and pools of the Kekemeren river. This is usually the deeper locations with relatively steady flow at the bends of the river and behind rocks. Often the largest individuals of scaly Osman caught in the shallows. Biting Osman in the spring, the larvae of stoneflies, is particularly active. This allows even inexperienced novice angler to experience the exciting moments easily catch, can be first in your life, fish. The fisherman used to fishing in water bodies with stagnant water, able to feel new emotions from playing Osman out of a mountain stream. Distance from Bishkek 460km Duration from 3-4 days. Best time may-June.
  • Reserve Ala-Archa. It is located 30 km from Bishkek in an area of 20 thousand hectares, where there is everything: mountains, rivers, pine forests growing on the slopes of the mountains. These forests gave the name to the reserve. "Ala-Archa" means "variegated juniper", which fully characterizes the diversity of pine and spruce forests of the reserve. Every visitor discovers an amazing world of flora and fauna of Kyrgyzstan. The reserve is a small valley inside the gorge mountain ranges are covered with eternal ice, and the slopes are the finest spruce forests. On slopes with glaciers flowing streams of melt water, which then turn into the river Ala-Archa. Distance from Bishkek 80km. Tour duration 1 day.
  • Chon AK Suu (the Big white water) is a very rapid river flowing through the gorge of "Chong AK Suu" or, as it is popularly called, Grigorevskoe gorge. It is the most visited gorge in Issik-Kul is unusually colorful, contrast, extreme, unique. On both sides of the gorge towering huge rocks, and straight on these rocks grow famous Tien-Shan spruce, which reaches a height of forty feet. Distance from Bishkek is 600 km.The tour lasts 2 to 4 days.
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Marinka, Trout.

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Fishing season : the Journey, it is better to commit either from mid-may to mid-June, when the fish will only continue to spawn in the upper reaches of rivers and is not yet stifling 40-degree heat, or in the fall – in September – October, when the heat is subsiding and the nibble fish again aktiviziruyutsya.
Duration of tours is from 1 to 10 days. We provide all the necessary fishing tackle and accessories, also teach beginners.

The cost of fishing from 50 - 60.e. per day per person (depends on group size).
The transfer price is calculated based on the mileage.