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Mexico (Mexico) country occupying the southern part of North America (the area between the US and Guatemala). The shores of Mexico are washed by the waters of the Pacific ocean and the Gulf of California on the West coast, and the Caribbean sea and the Gulf of Mexico on the East.

Capital: Mexico City
Currency: 1 Mexican peso = 100 centavos, for the most part of territory takes to calculate American dollars
Official language: Spanish

Most of Mexico is in the mountain massifs of volcanic origin - the peak of Orizaba (the highest mountain in the country with the top 5700 m), Iztaccihuatl (5286 m), Nevado de Toluca (4577 m), popocatépetl (5462 m). Some of the volcanoes are active.

The climate of Mexico is humid and hot, average annual temperature is about 30 C, most precipitation falls between may to October (rainy season), this time in Mexico frequent tropical cyclones and hurricanes.

Mexico is rich arhitekturnyj monuments of ancient civilizations of the Mayans and the Aztecs. Numerous museums, carnivals and festivals in Mexico and attracts many tourists from all over the world. The most famous resort in Mexico, Acapulcois popular amongst tourists due to its beaches, luxurious hotels and casinos.

Fishing in Mexico

The length of the coast and species diversity of fishes in Mexico attracts many fishing lovers, and a high level of service - another plus in favor of choosing this country for sea fishing.

Fishing Mexico offers a variety, trophies, and conditions of fishing places. On the Mexican coast often hosts international tournaments and many record catches related to fishing in this country.

We offer fishing trips to Mexico, fishing in various places and with various trophies, but what would be your choice was not tour with fishing in Mexico will be a memorable and exciting event.

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Fishing in Caribbean sea
The mangroves of the Bay of ascension are home to trophy Tarpon, snuka and many other species of fish