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For what it's worth to go to Mongolia, so it is for the fishing. There are not many places in the world as wild, pristine, with many large and small rivers and lakes and beautiful places.. This is a wild uninhabited place to meet someone rare. Flora and fauna is extremely rich, and in the waters lapping a large number of fish - fishermen will find a huge fortune. Fishing in Mongolia gather anglers from around the world. On the planet there are not many places where you can compete with the "river wolf" (Trout). The uniqueness of Mongolian fish stocks not only in fish abundance but also in species composition, whitefish, salmon, sturgeon. The rivers and lakes of Mongolia are home to the majority of European fish species and fish of Siberia, Transbaikalia and the Far East.
The rivers of Mongolia is widely inhabited by the Asian trout, or Lenkom, which is the most ancient of the now living species of trout, Siberian grayling and garadski white fish (whitefish), burbot, perch, pike. In most Mongolian reservoirs can be guaranteed to count on a good catch.
The most attractive fish in Mongolia is, of course, the king of the Siberian and Mongolian rivers timiing.
Guaranteed to catch trout from 5 to 20 kg, but there are instances of 25-30 kilograms or more. Fishing season — June — September. But the best period from 10 August to 15 September. At this time, there is increased activity of fish and good weather (not so hot, but still not very cold). Fishing from 1 April to 15 June in Mongolia is strictly prohibited!
The added attraction of fishing lends exotic Mongolian untouched nature, pristine clear rivers and lakes.

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Expedition for Mongolian taimen
The most attractive fish in Mongolia is, of course, the king of the Siberian and Mongolian rivers - taimen.
Fishing on the Chuluut River
Our goal is to guide You through the wild rivers of Mongolia and show the amazing fishing in the EOY country
A fishing camp on the river Chisod
The best fishing camp in Mongolia