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Norway is the country, surprises with its severe Northern beauty. Rich nature is her main asset, she is striking and fall in love with at first sight. Well, about fishing in Norway all have heard, Without fish in Norway remains no fisherman, even a beginner. Norwegians have long oriented their tourism business for the fishermen and so many fishing bases scattered throughout the country, for every taste and any purse, You will not find anywhere else.
Sea fishing is possible all year round and around the coast, but the biggest fish lavatsa in the Northern regions and here Arctic climate imposes limitations on the season. Usually quite comfortable conditions for fishing in the sea occur in March and end in October. Base located in the fjords and have a protected from the winds, the waters can slightly increase the season.
Where to catch? Catches in Norway are directly dependent on geography: the North, the more fish easier to catch and it is larger, And if in the area Lofoten Islands or Tromso (not to mention the more Northern areas), haul in 30-40 kg per day per person - "the norm" and squid "under fifteen" - is not uncommon, caught and captured esemplari - skrei weighing 30-35 kg, for example, in Central Norway, the catches are much more modest, So you first need to decide where to go. If You are going on a trip with your family, it is better to go to Central or Western Norway, where it is warmer and there are places to go and things to do after fishing. Unfortunately, the North of Norway is not really suitable for family trips only if Your "mate" too, catches or loves photography and contemplation of the harsh Northern nature. But if You are going to not just catch his heart's content, but try to catch a big cod or halibut, setting a personal (and maybe world) record, and you are not afraid of life under the "fishing-cutting-cottage-fishing...", then you direct road to the North.
When catching? If we talk about the fishing vacation, it is the most comfortable time – from late may to mid-September, and on the South of the country since the beginning of may. As a rule, during this period, the heat are Sunny days, storms are quite rare. But the ocean's the ocean and the weather can change quickly on this warm clothes still should not be forgotten. And in the North of Norway even in the summer when the heat on the Bank of 25-27 degrees, the sea is not hot.

Trophies Trophies


Fishing on the basis of Offersøy Feriesenter
Fishing in wild and beautiful village Vestbygd, on the southern edge of the largest island of Norway Hinoa
Fishing on Torsvåg Havfiske
The capital of the European halibut
Fishing in the fishing centre NORTH-STAR
Fishing North of the Arctic circle, is a fishing centre NORTH-STAR
Polar Fishing Camp Spot
Nezabyvaemaya fishing on Polar Spot Fishing Camp
O. Arnoy
Region: Nordland
The Island: Arnoj
Bodø airport is 140 km away.
Place the base chosen will be very different for real trophy fishing!
Fishing in the Barents sea
The Island Of Soraya
Unforgettable fishing in the waters of the Barents sea
O. Rendrai
Region: Finnmark
Airport is 160 km away.
Seiland Brygge
The Region Of Finnmark.
The Island Seiland,
The airport is 20 km away.
Ideal for recreation and fishing alone with amazing Northern nature and beauty of the Norwegian fjords
Region: Finnmark
Island Holmen
The airport is 0.6 km.
The most Northern fishing base in Europe.on the shore of the Barents sea.
Region: Finnmark
The fishing Lodge is located in Gjesvaer in Northern Norway, near Cape Nordkapp at the intersection of Norwegian and Barents seas.
Base Iklan
Region: Trance.
The airport is 30 km away.
Of all the cities located in the Arctic circle, to Tromso to get the easiest.
Mefjord Brygge
Region: Trance
The Island Of Senja
Airport Tromso is 90 km away
Bardufoss airport - 125 km
The canopy is often called Norway in miniature
Fishing base "Sea and Mountains"
Region: Trance
One of the best fishing bases in this region

Kvalheim Fritid
South Norway is for those who want to combine the Norwegian fishing with good weather, calm sea and relatively warm summers.
Fishing centre Sotra
Fishing centre budget class in the South of Norway, not very demanding fishermen.