Fishing centre Sotra

The region of the Fjords (South-West coast of Norway)
Airport: Bergen, 40 km / 1 h
Nearest town / village: Skogssallskapet, 5 km
Nearest grocery store: 100 m; restaurant: Glenvar, 4 km
Dive centre
A fishing center is located on the island of Sotra, 35 minutes drive from Bergen city and Bergen airport. It is surrounded by sea and beautiful nature and perfect for those anglers who would like to combine fishing and visiting the main attractions of southern Norway and in the first place, the capital of the Norwegian fjords - Bergen. The base is located on the shore of a small fjord and protected from the oceanic winds.
Due to the base protection from the wind You can fish directly from the pier or boat near the base. But if You want a serious fishing, we recommend you to go to sea or a fjord, just a 15-minute boat ride. Due to the fact that the cod in large numbers comes into the fjords in these places, Your fishing will be successful - usual weight of cod that can be caught in these waters is 1.5-3 kg. numerous slopes and banks take the small side (1-2 kg) and haddock, and further out to sea - sea bass. You can fish with small boats 16-18 ft and rent a diesel boat of about 25 feet. The most productive fishing will be fishing aboard a 30-foot schooner, which, under the direction of an experienced captain will take You to the best fishing places. In the period from October 1 to June 1 is allowed to hunt for lobster.
Excellent opportunities for diving it is possible to rent equipment
Within a radius of 500 to 1500 meters You will find a lovely freshwater bodies rich in trout.
In the area of Bergen moderately warm climate. This area videoalso significant amount of precipitation. Even in a dry month, rain is not uncommon.
How to get thereHow to get there
Flights to Bergen with one stopover in Amsterdam or Stockholm (journey time approximately 6 hours).
Menek, Molva, Grouper, Cod, Turbot, Trout.

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Cod, saithe, haddock all year round, menek, Molva, sea bass, catfish, monkfish - from April to October.


At the base, right near the shore on the large terrace there are 10 apartments with balconies in a two storey complex in a traditional Norwegian style "rorbu". Each apartment has a fully equipped kitchenette with a dishwasher, oven and microwave. There is a TV and DVD player, a washing machine and tumble dryer.
Apartment # 1-9 (4 2 pers., 2 bedrooms, 50 m2).
2 bedrooms (twin and bunk beds), a shared living room with upholstered furniture, exit to the terrace, equipped kitchen.
Apartment No. 10 (8 2 persons, 4 bedrooms, 110 m2)
Duplex apartment, 2 bedrooms (twin and bunk beds), 2 extra beds (mattresses), shared living room with upholstered furniture, exit to the terrace, equipped kitchen.


Boat 15-16 feet.
Boat 15-16 feet. 9,9-15 HP. Maximum speed of around 20 knots. It is a good boat with an outboard motor is suitable for short fishing. We recommend the boat for up to 4 fishermen.
Boats 17 and 18 feet
Boat motr up to 30L / s and a Central steering wheel. Can accommodate up to 6 fishermen. The maximum speed of 18-20 knots.

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