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Russia (Asian part)

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The Asian part of Russia or Asian Russia — the part of Russia, geographically belonging to Asia. Now administratively divided into the Ural (UFD) , the Siberian (SFD) and far East Federal district (FEFD) of the Russian Federation.
Yakutia,Turukhansk, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Primorye territory, the Taimyr, Yamal - how many titles inviting yourself anglers and hunters.

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Kamchatka. Fishing base on the river ICHA
Open your fishing in Kamchatka with a visit to the river Ichi. One of the most attractive fishing trips catching an abundance of fish, the beauty of nature, comfortable accommodation and the lack of a helicopter getting
Fishing in the Magadan region
Fishing in pristine Northern lakes and rivers - a major attraction for travelers in the Magadan region
Fishing on the Peninsula of Yamal
If you want to find yourself on the edge of the world - welcome to Yamal! It is translated from the Nenets name of the Peninsula. It is really far from everything and even in late spring it gets -40
Fishing in the Krasnoyarsk region
On the Yenisei river You will experience a keen sense of delight from combat with a trout. Trout call the king of the Siberian rivers and river tigers because catching this fish can be compared only with the hunting tiger.
Khabarovsk Krai. River Copy.
Excellent fishing, gambling and hunting, all this is possible thanks to experienced hunters and instructors.
Fishing on Sakhalin
Sakhalin is a Paradise for the angler. The vast majority of the Sakhalin rivers are to salmon spawning waters with very high potential catch of pink salmon and chum salmon.
Rafting on the rivers of Kamchatka
Alloy is the constant change of fishing areas and the ongoing adrenaline rush with the passage of the rapids of the rivers of the Peninsula.
Kamchatka. Fishing on the Zhupanova river.
The Zhupanova river is one of the best places for catching the largest rainbow trout.
Fishing in Putorana Plateau. River Herbacin.
The biggest instance caught on Herbicide in rounds, weighed about 24.5 kg, but this is not the limit.
Kamchatka. The River Is Great. Fishing for king salmon.
The fishing is conducted in a stationary tent camp is equipped with dining room and bath.
Kamchatka. Fishing on the basis of the Golygina river
Advantages: great fishing until November with a dip in the healing hot springs