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Kamchatka. Fishing base on the river Vahil

Andb: 7 days including 5 days of fishing.
Objects of fishing: halibut up to 150 kg (depth 20-30 m), the bycatch of flounder, perch; silver salmon up to 6 kg, brown trout to 12 pounds, trout up to 2 kg; the time of stroke from the base to the fishing areas 20-30 min.
halibut: June – first half of August.
coho salmon: September - October
white-spotted charr, brook trout: all year round.
The number of people in group: 4 - 6

The base is located on the East coast of the Kamchatka Peninsula at the mouth of the vakhil river.
The river originates in the South-Eastern foothills of the active volcano Zhupanovsky (2927 m) and empties into the Pacific ocean between Cape Nalychevo and shipunskiy Peninsula.
Convenient location of the base allows you to combine fishing on the river with the sea fishing in the waters of the Avachinskaya Bay between the Bay and the island Bichevinka Krasheninnikov, and also to discover the amazing underwater world of the Avachinsky Bay and the vakhil river while scuba diving or spearfishing.

Base is designed for comfortable accommodation and service 6 fishermen.
On the basis of 3 double rooms (beds, bedding), 1 six-bedded room for staff, kitchen with gas stove, toilet in the house (sink, bidet, toilet), tumble dryer with oven heating, a washing machine, a great Russian bath, comfortable outdoor dining area, refrigerator, electricity, satellite. You can use the boats with water cannons in the United States, which quietly takes You away from the many productive areas of the river.
Living in the city and on the basis of the double rooms.
Food: the Menu is composed of dishes of traditional Russian cuisine:
Breakfast: boiled eggs, porridge from cereals, sandwiches with cheese and smoked sausages, caviar or red fish, coffee or tea with lemon, orange or Apple, chocolate.
Lunch: sausage or fish baked on the coals, Kamchatka ear or soup, vegetables, homemade bread.
Dinner: hot first and second dishes of fish or meat, salad, vegetables, homemade bread.
You can order additional menu: crab, red shrimp, caviar, sea urchin, lamb, game in season, or other specialities (extra charge).
How to get thereHow to get there
Shipping on the river and back by helicopter Mi-8T or Mi-2 (flight time is 30-40 min. one way) or a sea boat (transfer time 3-4 hours one way).



The cost for 1 person group of 4 person: 2000$.
The price includes: transfers, accommodation at the hotel or at the recreation center in double rooms, living on fishing tourist base "Vakil" in double rooms, three meals a day on a fishing tourist base "Vahil", water transport services on the route, according to the tour program; a license for salmon fishing "catch and release", bath, a guide (4 klientow - 1 guide), insurance.
The tour price does not include:
shipping on fishing tourist base "Vakil" and back (MI-8T, MI-2, marine boat);
- food in the city;
- licenses for the removal of fish;.
- alcoholic drinks
For an additional fee:
- processing, packing of fish.
- rental equipment for diving.
- optional excursions in 7 day.