Fishing in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the richest fishing grounds in the world. The abundance of Wahoo, sailfish, Dorado, tuna, lagata and trophies such as Marlin and sailfish, doing fishing tempting for both experienced and novice fisherman.

The types of fishing equipment and fishing in the Seychelles:
  • Big game fishing – trolling with large, specially equipped boats. Trophies can be: sailfish, blue and black Marlin, swordfish, yellowfin tuna, zobaczymy tuna, striped tuna, Bonito, Wahoo, Dorado, big and striped Barracuda, elagat, giant trevally, sistemology of trevally, trevally, cineplasty, deltapatents, trevally and sharks occasionally.
  • Bottom fishing – fishing with spinning on poppers and jigs-baits, which usually occurs at the edge of reefs in sharp Svalov depths (40-50 nautical miles from the Islands) and strong currents. Trophies can be: grouper-peacock, Golden grupper, grupper cranberry, tomato grupper, grupper caricabatterie, marble grupper, grupper belopotosky, potato grupper, grupper Chernozemny coral, coral grouper, marble, lunahost, green snapper, two spotted red snapper, snapper trehpolosaya. Was to catch sailfish on a jig .
  • Flats fishing – fishing with light spinning and fly-fishing on the vast inter-island shoals, called flejtsami. Trophies can be: yellowfin tuna, Bonito, Wahoo, Dorado, and striped large Barracuda, giant trevally, groupers, snapper, bonefish and some sharks.
  Techniques of fishing:
  • Trolling - fishing from a moving boat. This technique allows to cover space and is the most effective. When trolling it is important to choose the right speed to make the lure look natural and was just the right depth. Using this technique caught mainly pelagic fish ( living in the deep depths), but often trophy become demersal fish rising for prey.
  • Casting fishing casting spinning. Artificial lure Wobbler Popper or you need to throw where the fish are. Using this technique most often caught carancas snapper, grouper, Barracuda.
  • Jigging is the most simple technique vertical trolling. This is the most common and easiest ways to animate the lure in the open ocean. This technique reminds otlicnoe trolling. Jig-hook use sinker heavy 150 g, United into a soft coupling with a hook. As bait used silicone or natural bait fish. Fishing is subject to drifting ( drifting boat). The most important parameter when drifting - the speed of the boat against the tide. In the Seychelles the most effective fishing jigging occurs in the deeper areas of the ( abrupt change in depth from 80 to 800 metres), 40 miles from Mahe. Using this technique caught almost any bottom fish and sharks, and pelagic fish, including Marlin.
  • Fly fishing is an interesting form of fishing in the ocean, in shallow flat areas called flejtsami. White sandy flatsy hard doing bottom fishing wading very comfortable and abound with a great number of large bonefish, milkfish, triggerfish. This technique of throwing almost weightless artificial fly is considered aerobatics among fishermen. The quality of the gear used, fishing rod, reel, cord and faux fly. Using this technique, you can catch Bonito, Wahoo, tuna, Barracuda, grouper, karanxha, snapper and shark.
  • The baiting - fishing with natural bait, or live fish. The boat is standing still or moving with a minimum velocity along the depth slope. The bait is lowered to the bottom and held there with weights. So caught a large specimen, or the fish that feed close to the bottom.
The most efficient places are the Islands of Alphonse, Denis, Desroches, bird, Silhouette, Pralin, Frigate.
Desroches is a Small green island covered with palm trees stretched out their white beaches at 14 km Desroches is surrounded by 80 miles of coral reef and is an ideal place for fishing. On top of that waters of the Indian ocean teem with fish, so great catch and a sea of positive emotions You provided. Here you can engage in any kind of fishing. On the sandy shallow waters used by marine fly fishing (fly fishing), among the coral reefs – fishing spinning (popping), on deep sites – vertical trolling (jigging), as well as trolling, fishing with live bait. Fishing occurs with specially equipped boats under the management of professional fishing guides. There are various forms of fishing - spinning, jigging, trolling. The important thing is that You will not remain without a catch, and the fish You caught, will be a real trophy. From the first minute stay on the island it becomes clear that You are exactly where fishing is one of the main advantages!
Major trophies: the blue-fin trevally (bluefin trevally), giant trevally (giant trevally), Barracuda, groupers, apriori, and sobucesuyu yellowfin tuna, Bonito, Wahoo (wahoo).
Denis - If to speak about fishing, there is no better place than the island of Denis, perhaps, to be found all over the Indian ocean. Deep water start in the place where the ends of the shelf are fraught with many discoveries for both experienced and novice fishermen. Only by catching only one fish-dogs in these areas was delivered 5 world records. In addition, it is home to the world's largest tuna and Marlin. Convenient to fishing in the open ocean, aboard yachts that can be rented on the island.
Alphonse - known primarily because of the vast flejtsami and amazing fly fishing. It is connected first of all with a huge food supply in the form of a myriad of crustaceans around the Atoll, and with a very careful attitude to nature of the Atoll. Perhaps nowhere else in the Seychelles there is no such huge populations of these reef sport fish like bonefish (bonefish) and milkfish (milkfish), as well as exotic-colorful species such as the triggerfish (triggerfish), and parrotfish (parrotfish). In addition, there is a chance to get more familiar tropical fish such as permit, trevally (8 kinds!), grupper. Here you can catch sailfish, tuna, Wahoo, bonefish (bonefish), giant trevally (giant trevally), Bessie (milkfish), etc. Fly fishing for giant karanxha, albula, Bessie is carried out in the lagoon of St. Francois. For deep sea fishing you can take a specially equipped boat. Professional fishing guides who have great knowledge of all fishing spots will help make Your fishing more productive. Fishing is a "catch and release". For fly fishing use fishing rods 9-12 class.
Alphonse island is renowned for its international centre for catching flying fish bonefish. Here come the avid fishermen from all over the world to compete in the skill and dexterity with these cunning fish, able not only to swim under water, but also fly up in the air

The climate is subequatorial Maritime. Unlike other Islands in the Indian ocean, the Seychelles lie outside the cyclone belt. From October to may, the ocean is usually quite calm. The average annual temperature is 26-28°C. In a year there are two seasons: dry and temperate from may to November and a wet and relatively hot from December to April. The difference between the seasons usually comes down to the amount of precipitation and frequency of storms. The most frequent rains in January. Storms in the Seychelles occur less frequently than in Mauritius or reunion.
How to get thereHow to get there
In the Seychelles a few airports, but international flights only accepts Pointe Larue, located near Victoria on Mahé island. The most convenient way to get to the Seychelles - the flight through Europe. Air France offers flights via Paris (journey time - 14h.55min.). You can also get any company to London, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan or Zurich, and from there flights of the national company Air Seychelles.
The most economical airfare is a airfare via Emirates.

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Fishing seasons:
  • sailfish from November to may
  • Marlene November, December, January, February.
  • tuna, trevally, snapper, Barracuda, Wahoo, Golden mackerel, reef sharks are caught all year round
The best time to plan for fishing from November to April, at this time the ocean is calm and the fishing more predictable..


The Seychelles offer a huge number of accommodation options that hotels of different class and luxurious villas and comfortable apartments and of course the famous Eden island (Paradise island) or as it is often called the Island of Millionaires, located on the main island of the Seychelles Mahé.

Isle of Eden (Eden island), also known as 'Paradise Island is one of the most beautiful artificial Islands in the world and is situated a few minutes from the capital Victoria on the main island of the Inner Seychelles group - Mahé, and connected by a special bridge.
The island occupies an area of 56 Hectares, is a network of private waterways. Coastal area with residential neighborhoods includes luxury apartments, luxurious townhouses and villas with private pools, located near the shore of the main island of Mahé. The basis for the architectural design of the project were the local traditions, harmoniously combining elements of French, Victorian, Arabic and Chinese styles.
Each Villa or house has a private dock for yachts or other sailing vessels, and Eden island directly has a world-class Marina facilities capable of servicing ocean-going yachts up to 100 m in length. Visitors to Eden have access to global means of this unique artificial Islands. From deep-water Marina, to the modern shops, restaurants, bars and clubs located in the commercial area, the island has everything you need to enjoy a sweet life of luxury in the Seychelles. It features 4 private beaches, tennis courts and Golf courses, 5 restaurants (to the nearest five minutes with a Bag from Your Villa. The kitchen is fully equipped with appliances and You can cook yourself or for an additional cost, you will provide a professional chef. The rate includes maid service and a buggy to explore the island.
Three bedroom Luxury Villa with private beach from 2000 Euro\night
Three bedroom apartments from € 500/night


The Palm Seychelles, located in the foothills of the national Park Morne Seychellois, surrounded by lush gardens with an outdoor pool and a stream consists of three-bedroom villas and 6 two-bedroom apartments. From the Windows of the individual apartments offer panoramic views of the Indian ocean. The modern apartment is air conditioned. Includes a spacious Seating area and a balcony with views of the pool. The Villa has a private pool. In apartments and villas — at least 2 bathrooms with rainshowers. Guests can cook in the fully equipped kitchen includes a washing machine. Wanting to try Creole cuisine can take the advantage of the chef (on request). Staff at reception can arrange local restaurants. On the spot car rental. The car ride to the beach Beau Vallon is only about 5 minutes. The town of Victoria is 6 km away It offers free private Parking.
Villa with 3 bedrooms (from 500 euros/night)
Apartment with 2 bedrooms (from 200 euros/night)



Silver Craft 31
The boat with the latest fishing equipment of premium class. The crew consists of two people, an experienced skipper and English speaking guide-assistant. Fishing time is limited only to daylight hours. All fish caught you can take with you and cook yourself in the apartment or enjoy them prepared in the restaurant. While fishing serves sashimi, sandwiches, drinks. If not pitching, then the boat can fry the caught fish.
For comfortable fishing, it is recommended not more than 4 passengers.
The cost of the full day from € 1,700.
Yacht “Riviera”
The yacht is built in 2016. Length 15.54 m, width of 4.8 m. Two engines of 750 l/s. Three cabins.
The maximum number of passengers:
For Dnevnogo Charter 10 pers.
For night Chartar - 4 people
The cost of a full day from 4000 euros.
Yacht “Ferretti“
Boat for superior comfort, built in 2008. Length -21m., width -5,50 m., 2 engine 1218л/s, three cabins.
The maximum number of passengers:
For day Charter 22 people.
For night Charter – 6 people.
The cost of the full day from € 7,000.
Yacht "The Boss"
Length 19m.,width 6m., two engines 1790 l/s. Three cabins. Maximum capacity:
For day Charter 10 passengers
For night Charter - up to 4 passengers.
The cost of a full day from 7500 euros.
The catamaran cruises to the outer group of Islands
Catamaran with five double cabins used as a mother ship, but the actual fishing is carried out on 3 tenders - which are always included: two tenders for 20 ft boat 30 feet.
The cost of the tour :
  • Amiranda group: 36,000 euros - 7 nights / 8 days includes: food, soft drinks, fuel, a team of 8 people.
  • The Atoll of Providence: 56,000 EUR - 7 full days of fishing includes: round-trip, soft drinks, fuel, a team of 8 people protection.
  • The cosmoledo Atoll: 75,000 EUR - 7 full days of fishing includes: round-trip, soft drinks, fuel, a team of 8 people protection.

The cost of the fishing trip is calculated on request