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Sweden is famous for its abundance of fish and variety of fishing. And Amateur and professional here you can choose a fishing trip to taste. Fishing can be carried out on the sea and in many lakes (about 100 000) and in large river systems.

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Fishing on the lake Fagan
Fagan complex lies in the forests of the South-West of Sweden and is ideal for guests who seek peace and quiet.
Lake fishing LESJON
Forest lake in the North-West of Sweden. will allow You to completely isolate themselves from civilization and full-time fishing and socializing with family.
Fishing in lake Åsunden
Pristine lake with drinking water and trophy pike.
Fishing on the river, Indalsalven
A distinctive feature of the local fishing is the opportunity of alternation of its species - river and lake.
Fishing at the fishing camp "LÅNGSJÖBY"
An unforgettable trophy fishing at the fishing camp Sweden "LÅNGSJÖBY"