Fishing on the river, Indalsalven

Indalsalven river - the deepest river of Sweden, it runs for 430 km from the Norwegian mountains and empties into the Gulf of Bothnia in the area of timro. It perfectly caught pike, brown trout, grayling and perch. Record pike weighed 13 kg, and trout is 7.2 kg. a Distinctive feature of the local fishing is the opportunity of alternation of its species - river and lake. You can fishing on the rapid and calm sections of rivers Ammerån (Ameron) and Indalsälven (Indalsalven), or on large and small lakes (Asunden, Sitchen, Sitton, Stonehammer, etc.). In some of these lakes the fish are bred artificially.
Fishing equipment and tackle: spinning, fly fishing.
Fishing rules: Permitted to take no more than three pike per person per day with a size between 45 and 75 cm Grayling and trout are allowed to catch no less than 30cm.
  • 4.7 m Terhi Saiman Boat with a 4-stroke engine capacity 4 HP
  • To 4.45 m Askeladd Boat with engine 5 HP, 4-stroke.
  • Trailer for transportation of boats are available for transportation between the fishing waters.
How to get thereHow to get there
Cottage center is located between Ostersundom and Sundsvall, about 12 km West of Hammarstrand. By car - hour from each airport.

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In lakes fishing is possible all year round. In winter ice and in summer on open water. The expected catch of pike, perch, trout, whitefish, roach, burbot. The river fishing season from 01 June to October. On the river Ammerån caught mostly trout and grayling. On the river Indalsälven - pike, grayling, roach


All cottages located on the banks of the river in the pines.
Red house. 7 seats (6 beds extra bed).
Kitchen, living room, bathroom, 2 toilets, sauna.
Log home with 4 beds plus sofa bed
Kitchen, bathroom with shower and a veranda with beautiful views of the river.
BBQ is near the cottage!
Häbret is a simple, but very popular shelter with 4 beds and wood burning stove.

The cost of one week stay in a four-bed cottage from € 2000
1. boat
2. motor
3. a fishing license