Trout fishing in Slovenia

Fly fishing in Slovenia continues the tradition, which is more than 100 years, the Beauty of Slovenian rivers, the careful treatment of them, the abundance of fish and strict control over sports fishing has created her fame as one of the best countries in Europe for flyfishing. Spinning in Slovenia unpopular, and the river on which it is permitted as a rule, are of no interest - it has no fish.
Trout rivers of Slovenia belong Adriaticsea the pool, unlike the rivers of the Danube basin, which is more famous Danube taimen.
The most famous trout river - the soča river and its tributaries. Fishermen are attracted mainly marble trout. This is a rare fish that is protected by the state. The river is also home to the Adriatic grayling, rainbow, brook and brown trout, Chub and lots of Maren.
Sava Bohinjka is another famous Slovenian river, which originates in the Bohinj lake. Fishing on this river is popular thanks to the large number of grayling, the length of which can reach 60 cm or more. Also in the river there are plenty of rainbow and brown trout and other fish species.
We will offer You other popular river - Radovna, Sava Radovljica, Kolpa, Krka, Idrijca etc.
Rules of fishing:
In Slovenia there are no unattended rivers and lakes: all accounted for and under supervision. Acting as the majority owner of the country's water resources, the state has transferred them to the use of local fishing clubs, which, in particular, engaged in the protection and development of fishery resources. Club activities coordinates and monitors Fishing Alliance of Slovenia. Every club sells yourself permission to angling in a controlled pond and spread of prices is quite large: In Slovenia there are restrictions on the size, number and types of fish You can keep as a trophy. The rest of the production should be released. To check that You have permission for fishing can be anyone who is in the fishing club. For everyone else following elected members of the club who have a special license allowing them to inspect the catch and to draw up a report on violations.
Failure to comply with rules may result in a fine of several hundred Euros.
Techniques of fishing: only fly fishing
Major trophies:
  • Marble trout ( Salmo (trutta) marmoratus, eng. Marble trout ) is the main object of trophy fishing in Slovenia, is the largest and only indigenous species of trout in the Adriatic (West) river system, Slovenia. Record trophy marble trout was caught on the river soča and reached 22.5 kg. Specimens up to 10 kg are not uncommon, and trophy fish is considered, starting from 4 lbs. For fishing marble trout will need some serious heavy equipment. Use rigid 9-tiftonia rods 8-9 class, weighted flies and streamers and sinking line.
  • Rainbow trout (Salmo gairdneri, eng. American trout) and brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) are not native species in Slovenia and Europe, they come from North America. These fish species were infested to the delight of the anglers, as they are great fighters, they quickly acclimatized and now can be found everywhere in all the rivers of Slovenia. Grows, trout up to 90 cm long and 10 kg of weight, trout up to 60 cm in length and 4 kg weight. When fishing for brook trout, rainbow trout and char work great conventional dry flies and nymphs. The secret of success lies in the use of nymphs on hooks № 20-30 and dry flies on fine leaders.
All the fishing tours conducted by us are accompanied by the best fishing guides. If You don't know fly fishing, you will teach and by the end of the first day You will feel the charm of this technique and become a fan of fly-fishing.
Prices greatly vary from selected rivers and their areas, number of fishermen, value and number of fishing licenses, fishing guide.
Slovenia's climate is affected by the proximity of the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, which detain air masses from the south and close the country's territory from cold northern winds. There are three climatic zones: the coastal regions of Istria, the central region and the eastern part of the country
How to get thereHow to get there
Chub, Barbel, Trout, Grayling.
The season of fly fishing for trout and grayling usually starts in March and lasts until November, but it is best to check in advance as not only different rivers, but also in different parts of the river have different permitted periods of fishing.

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