For the Danube huchen

Danube taimen form of salmon found in Slovenia only in the Sava river and its tributaries. Is a close relative of the Siberian taimen. The fishing is allowed only in the winter.
Sport fishing for Danube salmon, as on a spinning, and artificial fly, the passions can only be compared with fishing the salmon family. Surprise attack the bait, and the tremendous power of this fish, which is manifested during the fight with the fish, leave an unforgettable impression.
We offer You a 6-day tour for this wonderful trophy, accompanied by the best guides in Europe specializing in fishing for trout.
Fishing takes place on two sections of the Sava river, a total length of 30 km, which is near the town.
Accommodation in hotels Ljubljana
Equipment fishing gear spinning. Tackle and bait for trout is quite specific (spinning fast system with the test 250-400 gr.) and for guides are made to order just for this fishing.
The advantages of this tour:
  • An easy way to Ljubljana by plane or car
  • Accommodation
  • Fishing areas near the city
  • Trophies 20
  • The best guides
The program of the tour:
  • Day 1 meeting in Ljubljana. Transfer to hotel (accommodation in a three star hotel with Breakfast). stay
  • 2 -5 days day fishing for trout.
  • Day 6 Day fishing. Transfer to the airport.
For a day of fishing on the river can be replaced with lake fishing from a boat for pike.
Slovenia's climate is affected by the proximity of the Adriatic Sea and the Alps, which detain air masses from the south and close the country's territory from cold northern winds. There are three climatic zones: the coastal regions of Istria, the central region and the eastern part of the country
How to get thereHow to get there
Trout, Pike.

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High season

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The fishing season from 1 October to 15 February


Отель в г. Любляна


The cost of the tour is 1750 Euro/person.

All transfers
Accommodation (3 star hotel at extra cost choice of hotel a class above)
Support guides
Fishing licenses
Not included:
Rental gear - 20 Euro/day