Fishing in Zimbabwe on the Lower Zambezi

The Zambezi river is the fourth river of Africa, with a length of about 2660 km, with a basin area of 1330 km2. Victoria falls divides it into two parts, the Upper (above the falls) and Lower Zambezi (below the falls). Seasonal fluctuations of water level in them are different, therefore, different and the seasons of fishing.
The General sports trophy of the basin of the Zambezi is of course the famous tiger fish (tigerfish, hydrazin). Hunting for it will bring You lots of fun and exciting moments. This is one of the most serious opponents among freshwater fish in the world. The area of the Lower Zambezi we offer is widely known for very large fish-the tiger.
Techniques of fishing: spinning, fly fishing, trolling. Local often used dorogina large oblong crank that allows you to sh in a larger space of water and more likely to find a flock of hydrazines. Value at a fairly high speed, both for and against.
  • For spinning you can use a fishing rod, tossing baits from 10 to 20 g, and a coil containing 100 meters of 6-8 pound test fishing line. The best baits for spinning lures are small, 5-9 cm long and silver spinners.
  • For droginia better more powerful rod with 12-pound monofilament, because there'll need to withstand the additional load from the movement of the boat, and bait a large saltwater lures at 9-14 cm long. The most effective bright coloring: yellow, red, orange, green; successfully catch also to simulate the silver and Golden fish, while local fishermen as bait, use pieces of the telapias gate. The use of steel leashes required. It is recommended to replace the tees with dinamikami, allows for more powerful cutting.
  • Fans of fly fishing will need a 7-8 foot rod with a coil containing 100 meters of 15-pound reeling and a sink tip WF5 or WF6. For this fishing are better suited to large trout streamers or salmon flies. In front of the lure will have to put the steel line;
Conditions of tigerfish fishing only catch and release, and all the other fish (about 100 species) may have on the table. The most frequently caught claramae catfish and various cichlids (usually serranochromis and uzkogolovyj chromis), which are called "bream". Latest caught very easily throw any bait and catch per hour of 20 pieces is not a problem, but then on the grill You can fully appreciate its culinary properties of this fish..
It is interesting that in the Zambezi, you may encounter a typical representative of ocean fauna - shark-bull or as it is called African shark.

Altitude and relief greatly affect temperatures and rainfall in Zimbabwe. In the higher areas in the East more rain and cooler. Temperature elevations vary from 12-13 ° C in winter to 24 ° C in summer. In the lowlands the temperature is usually a few degrees higher and the summer temperature in the valleys of Zambezi and Limpopo reach 38 ° C..
The summer rainy season lasts from November to March. Followed by a transitional season, during which both rainfall and temperatures decrease. Comes the cool dry season which lasts from mid-may to mid-August. Finally, there is the warm dry season, which lasts until the onset of the rains.

Trophy hunting is allowed throughout the year. However, because of the rains a large part of the hunting is carried out in the period from April to October, but June, July and August are the most popular months for hunting safaris.
There are no rules governing the number of days of a hunting safaris, if a minimum is set by the operator of the Safari.
How to get thereHow to get there
Direct flights to Zimbabwe is not. Possible options of flights: flights of British Airways with a stopover in London (assumes an overnight stay), as well as joint flight of Lufthansa and South African Airways with transfers in Frankfurt and Johannesburg. Duration of flight is about 14-15 hours, excluding connections. Johannesburg (South Africa) there is a good bus connection, up to 10 buses a day.
Som clarify, Tiger fish.

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The Lodge is located at the confluence of the rivers Zambezi and Chewore consists of five double rooms with private bathrooms. All chalets have a magnificent view of the river. There is a Central area consisting of bar, dining room and pool. This Lodge is in the heart of wild nature and merges with it. Over the years the camp the animals are so accustomed to the presence of people that absolutely them not to be afraid and often visited the Lodge.Woke up to see himself near the antelope or the elephant, here is not something unusual. And at night You can Wake up the roar of the hunted lion or barking dividing the prey wild dogs.


Boats at the Lodge
Two large pontoon boats, fully equipped with fishing gear.



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