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England is a country that is the largest administrative and political part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The population of England is 84% of the total population of the UK. The capital is London, the largest city in the UK.
England became a union of seven formerly warring kingdoms in 927 and was named after the ancient Germanic tribe of the Angles, who settled on the island of Great Britain in the V—VI centuries.
England is the place of origin of the English language and the Anglican Church, and English legislation forms the basis of the legal systems of many countries of the world; in addition, London was the center of the British Empire, and the country was the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution. England was the first industrially developed country, as well as a country with a parliamentary democracy, whose constitutional, governmental and legal innovations were adopted by other nations and states.

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​Balmore Castle and Croxton Lodge
An excellent monitor lizard for bird hunting