Hunting ranch Anurita

Hunting Ranch Anurita with the territory of 20 thousand hectares, located in the province of Santiago del Estero, 700 km from Buenos Aires. This is by far the best hunting in South America. It offers the hunter a unique set of animals (20 species and subspecies) as endemics, and introduced, with excellent trophy qualities. If you look through the Latin American section in the SCI record book, you can see that this farm is the supplier of best Trofeu in Argentina (and, therefore, throughout the continent). More than 20 years, the ranch takes the best hunters from around the world and to find a date in her busy schedule is very difficult.
Special attention deserves the owner of the Rancho of Francisco Pizarro, a descendant of the famous Conquistador, and not just zavoevyvali the title of the best professional hunters not only in Argentina but in the world..
The choice of weapons and calibers in Anuity claim will satisfy the most demanding hunter. All the weapons of the world's leading brands (Brauning, Ruger, Winchester, Mauser,Westley Richards) and is in perfect condition. To services of clients there are shotguns and even pistols (very popular among American hunters) and so carry with them all the way their weapons completely unnecessary.
For hunters, thrill-seekers on a ranch You can try this type of hunting, which You won't find anywhere else. Is hunting with a spear !!! such species as peccaries, capybara, European wild boar and even Puma.
The style of the hunt is very similar to African. To search for the beast, they use open jeeps, horses, hunting dogs, approach and tower (especially archers), use bait, use a pen. In the hunt for the Puma and leopard in Africa, hung on trees or bait is tied to the living lambs.
The climate in this region is characterized by considerable temperature changes. In the afternoon to 25°C at night to 10°C.
How to get thereHow to get there
Flights to Buenos Aires where You are met by a representative of the ranch trucks to the airport "Jorge Newberry" and then fly to Santiago del Estero (journey time 1H.45min.)


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The best period of hunting in these areas are considered March — September at a comfortable temperature and a great selection of the beast (Jan European deer and fallow deer shed their horns).


The Lodge is intended only for hunters has nine 2-bed bedrooms with bathroom,


Daily rates for hunters is$500
For neogotica - 200$