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Azerbaijan is located on the Western coast of the Caspian sea in the Eastern part of the South Caucasus. This is an amazingly beautiful land of unique natural contrasts: 9 of 11 main types of climates of the globe - from subtropical to high Alpine meadows; there you can watch all four seasons: the lush vegetation of the humid subtropical region adjacent to the eternal snows and glaciers of Shahdag and Murovdag; full of spring aromas of the forest Gabala - hot mil, Mugan, Shirvan steppes; fog and rains over tea and citrus plantations in the foothills of the Talish mountain range - warm and gusty morenoi Khazri of Absheron. The same rich and diverse fauna of Azerbaijan: there are more than 12 thousand species of animals. In the lowland territories settled gazelles, wild boars, wolves, foxes, hares, nutria, pheasants, ducks, bald-coots (kashkaldak), Sultan chickens (mullet). Characteristic inhabitants of low and middle mountains are deer, ROE deer, wild boars, brown Caucasian bears, lynxes, hyenas, wolves, and sometimes leopards. In the mountainous parts of the country inhabited by the wild goats, mouflons, tours, etc., and of birds - pheasants, partridges, cakici, Turaci, Caspian snow cock and black grouse Caucasian. In the Caspian sea and mouths of rivers flowing into it is home to sturgeon, stellate sturgeon, Beluga, salmon, Kutum, Shemaiah, herring, lamprey, sheatfish, pike, Chub and other fish species.

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Hunting for Dagestan Tur
Caucasian Tur - the trophy which is the dream of every hunter, and beauty mountain areas of Azerbaijan and the hospitality of its people leave the best memories about this hunt
Duck hunting
Lake Sary-su is just on the route of migratory birds, ducks and geese and in the winter at the lake, resting over three hundred thousand species of migratory birds.