Duck hunting

The hunting area of the Lake Sary-su
Major trophies: Ducks , Geese, Woodcock
Additional trophies: the hare, the Jackal
Duration: 3-4-5 days of hunting

Sarysu (translated as Yellow lake) is the largest lake in Azerbaijan located in Imishli and Sabirabad districts. Its area is about of 65.7 km2, maximum length is 22 km, maximum width 3 km, depth up to 6 m. the coastline of Sarysu river consists mainly of wetlands and swamps. The approximate volume of water in the lake is 60 million m3. The increase in the volume of water is mainly observed in spring and autumn period. During the winter season, freezes on average of 10-11 days.
The lake is rich in carp and roach. Is of great importance for wintering migratory birds. It is right on the route of migratory birds, ducks and geese and in the winter at the lake, resting over three hundred thousand species of migratory birds.
This place has earned respect and fame in the small world of these hunters not only for its picturesque location and a wealth of game, but also comfortable accommodation in a database, allowing you to recuperate in comfortable surroundings after a busy day. From the hunting base of hunters for fifteen minutes is delivered to the place of hunting by professional huntsmen in the morning or evening dawn. On the basis of a rental hunting rifles.
Hunting is carried out according to the General principle of morning and evening dawn. The morning hunt lasts about 8 hours (from 6:00 to 14:00) and evening from 16:00 or 17:00 until dark.
The average temperature of July is 25-27 °C (40°C) in lowland areas January respectively -10 °C and 4 °C.
How to get thereHow to get there
Fly to Baku (international airport of Heydar Aliyev in 30 km from the capital). Transfer 3-4 hours to the base
Woodcock, Goose, Hare, Duck.

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Hunting season: from 15 September to 30 March. Peak season duck hunting is in January and February.


База расположена в 15 минутах от озера Сары Су. Охотничий дом рассчитан на 8 человек. В доме 4 двухместных номера с односпальными кроватями, тремя санузлами и двумя душевыми. Для отдыха после охоты можно собраться всем месте в большой гостиной с камином и спутниковым телевидением.

3 days hunting (all included):
2 hunter 2500 euros for every hunter
3 hunter - 2400 euros for every hunter
4 hunter - 2200 euros for every hunter
5/6 hunter - 2100 euros / per hunter
7/8 hunter - 2,000 euros for every hunter
4 days hunting (all included):
2 hunter 2600 euros for every hunter
3 hunter -2500 euros for every hunter
4 hunter -2400 Euro / per hunter
5/6 hunter -2300 € per hunter
7/8 hunter -2200 euros for every hunter