Hunting in Belarus

Offer You any hunting tours on the territory of the Republic of Belarus. We work with the largest tenants of the hunting grounds in the country and depending on Your request will find a hunting location that best meets Your requirements. Offers any of available on the territory of the Republic game in any of the Belarusian hunting enterprises, national parks and reserves.

The range of services associated with the organization of hunting tours include:
  • meeting at the airport;
  • assistance in obtaining entry visas;
  • preparation of documents for transportation of weapons and ammunition (it should be remembered that in the Republic of Belarus banned the use of hunting firearms and ammunition of the military sample,the pneumatic weapon, small-caliber rifles, pistols);
  • transport services;
  • the provision of meals (Belarusian cuisine with traditional dishes or dishes upon request (including from the extracted game);
  • services of guide-interpreter;
  • services huntsman; place of hunting;
  • dissection and preparation of trophies for transportation;
  • the paperwork for the export of trophies;
  • accommodation in a comfortable hotel or a hunting Lodge in the National parks and reserves;
  • excursion program.

Hunting for grouse and black grouse is carried out at currents in the regions with the highest number of birds. Each hunter is a professional huntsman. Additionally the opportunity to hunt the woodcock. Hunting period: 20 March — 10 may.
Recommended number of hunters: 2 - 6 people.
Tariffs for trophies: Capercaillie: shooting 600 €,Grouse: shooting: 230 €.
Spring and autumn hunting on all waterfowl and wading birds, including goose, duck, woodcock, snipe. The most favorable period of hunting duck and goose— April and September.
The hunting seasons:
March 10 - may 10 - Hunting for migratory geese from the approach and from ambush, including using profiles and Manne geese.
April 1 - may 10 - Hunting for drakes on the ponds from ambush with a duck decoy or a decoy and stuffed
April 1 - may 10-the Hunt for the male woodcock on draught. To search for a wounded animal is permissible to use a setter or Spaniel.
5 August - 26 November - Hunting for any waterfowl and wading birds, including geese, duck, woodcock, except species listed in the Red book of the Republic of Belarus.
Recommended number of hunters: 4 - 6 people
Tariffs on trophies: 20 Woodcock, Goose, 35 €, Duck 15 €


Red deer
The hunting seasons:
September 1 - September 30, male Trophy hunting from an ambush, with approaching.
1 October - 15 December Hunting shelter, from an ambush, with the approach to the porch, with the dogs.
15 Dec - 31 Jan male Trophy hunting from ambush, from towers, from the approach.
Recommended number of hunters: 4 - 10 people
The hunting seasons:
15 may - 30 September Individual trophy and selective hunting for adult males from ambush, with approach.
1 Oct - 15 Dec
Hunting for trophy males a shelter, from an ambush, from the approach, with dogs (except fleet, hounds). Adult females hunting is prohibited.
Recommended number of hunters: 4 - 10 people.
The most popular way of hunting for an elk — hunting by a shelter. This kind of hunting usually resolves with the onset of cold weather and snow when to detect migrating elk becomes easier. After finding an elk, placed the arrow in places typical for a moose, or at crossings of roads and footpaths, another group of hunters with trained for the hunting of elk dogs are trying to drive the moose towards the hunters.
Very interesting hunting for moose is elk hunting during the rut. Before the onset of the rut, male elk arrange fights among themselves, seeking control over the territory. If skillfully imitate the call of a bellowing of a bull, you can push the male into the open for a good shot.
The hunting seasons:
1 September - 30 September - Individual trophy hunting and breeding males from ambush, with approach.
1 Oct - 15 Dec - the Hunting shelter, from an ambush, from the approach, with dogs (except fleet, hounds). Adult females hunting is prohibited.
Recommended number of hunters: 4 - 10 people.
Boar. Hunting opens in the middle of the summer (at the damage) and flows in the collective driven hunt in the autumn and winter.
The main method of hunting boar — pen. Before the hunt is exploration of places, which hold the boar. After this a plan of the paddock, and divided into shooters and beaters, arrows are placed on numbers, and the beaters go back to the beginning of the corral. It is especially strictly necessary to comply with safety, as the beaters are a strong place and inexperienced hands can take them for running animals. Shooting wild boars at the damage of crops, the shooting is usually done at dusk, to animal selection necessary coached the wild boar dog. In hunting selection shooting of wild boars from the towers in places of feeding.
Boar hunting with Laika can be successful if dogs are well supplied and able to hold an animal to the hunter.
The hunting seasons:
May 15 - September 30 - Hunting for the damage of crops from ambush, with approach. Adult females hunting is prohibited.
October 1 - February 15 - the Hunt from ambush, with a shelter, from the approach, with dogs (except fleet, hounds). Adult females hunting is prohibited.
15 Dec - 15 Jan - the Hunt from ambush, from towers. Adult females hunting is prohibited.
Recommended number of hunters: 4 - 10 people


Wolf hunting is permitted all year round, by any means. With the loss of the snow cover season begins the most interesting and perhaps the most effective hunting wolves with flags.
Training hunting begins with obtaining and calculations in a suitable place bait. In the subsequent time to systematically check whether the wolves to the bait. To do this, pass it around on the roads, but not come to fall near. Full, animals, apparently, don't feel well. Anyway, they kind of lose their usual keenness and alertness that facilitates frame — bypass their days and further surrounded by the flags at chest level, this site. Okladki — the main person in the team of molchalnikov. Okladki puts shooters number of signs indicates the probable arc of fire, then one of Volchenkov goes in a circle like a beater. Winter round-up enough for that one person who without fanfare, strontium, animals, force them to go to the string, go along it and get under the shot.
The right shot at the wolf not more than 50 steps, because the animal is strong on the wound. Better to keep him closer, especially if not managed to take his gun at the ready. Heal better under the shoulder blade. At full speed it is necessary to do pre-emption. Far shooting for wolf hunting is unacceptable. The only exception to this rule is when the beast is behind the line of the arrow goes to the flags.
The hunting seasons:
1 January - 31 December Battue hunting with flags.

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The right of hunting in Belarus to foreign citizens is subject to appropriate hunting license issued in the country of residence.
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