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Canada (Canada) - the second space (9 985 000 km2) country in the world, occupies the Northern part of North America. Coast of Canada is washed by three oceans - the Arctic, Pacific and Atlantic. In Canada consists of 10 provinces (British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Alberta, new Brunswick, Manitoba, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Ontario and Saskatchewan) and 3 territories - Northwest territories, Nunavut and Yukon. Historically, the provinces endowed with broad autonomy - each province has its own Parliament, Constitution, flag and arms, with regard to Federal laws, the province shall have the right to accept or reject them for their territories. The territory of Canada was the result of the adoption of the Federal law and are fully subordinated to the Federal government.

The Climate Of Canada

The climate of Canada, on average, moderate in the Northern - subarctic. However, the length of Canada by latitude, ocean currents and the Rocky mountains significantly alter the average performance. For example, in Vancouver (British Columbia), the average temperature in summer is 17,4°C, in winter 5,2°C, annual rainfall is 1589 mm, at the same time, in Iqaluit (Nunavut territory) the climate is much more severe temperature in winter -26,1°C, summer - 6,0°C, precipitation is 412 mm.

The population

The current population of Canada are immigrants from European countries (mostly the British and 28% French 23%) and only 2% indigenous population - the Indians and Eskimos (Inuit), this situation is associated with the mass extinction of the indigenous population during the colonization.

Flora and fauna

The variety of climates and landscapes favored by the abundance of species and populations in the flora and fauna of Canada. There are also endemic species, the Vancouver marmot lives only on Vancouver island (species belongs to the endangered, recently managed to raise the population).

Hunting and fishing in Canada

Hunting and fishing in Canada strongly developed and strongly supported by the state, however, the government of Canada is sensitive to the preservation of natural resources and violation of laws (which can be different in different provinces) concerning hunting and fishing is punished not only with forfeiture of the trophies and high fines, but also imprisonment.

Among the hunting tours to Canada most popular hunting for muskox, caribou, moose, numerous species of birds. Of special interest trophy hunting bear and mountain lion.

Fishing in Canada is equally diverse. Fishing for trophy freshwater fishing in the many rivers and lakes are trout, perch, Arctic char fish, the muskellunge, Chinook salmon, white sturgeon. Going fishing in the sea, you can meet a toothy lingcod, pantusov, groupers. But really captured sea fishing off the coast of Canada is fishing for bluefin tuna - there are instances of up to 350 kg.

When planning a hunting or fishing trip to Canada, be sure to read the rules and the laws of the province where the planned trip.