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Montenegro is a small country situated on the Adriatic coast, is striking in its beauty. Black forest, to which it owes its name, cover the mountain slopes, Alpine lakes and crystal clear rivers. The beauty of Montenegro can talk a long time, the benefits of visiting it is undeniable – that the proximity of the location, and the roads are excellent and very hospitable and friendly people, delicious food and unique Montenegrin wines. But we are with You in the first place, interested in fishing and hunting.
Fisherman Montenegro gives all thirty-three pleasures is a pike in the lakes and trout grayling and salmon trout in the mountain rivers, and the giants of the ocean – tuna and swordfish in the Adriatic.
For hunters, the country offers many private farms with livestock trophy mouflon and fallow deer. The mountains in Montenegro are low, gently sloping, and the movement on them is not difficult, even is not in the best physical shape hunter.
The guides who will accompany You in the purchase of fishing or hunting in Montenegro without a doubt the best guides in the Balkans. See for yourself, come to Montenegro and You will never regret it.

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