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Even on the European scale Estonia is rather small country, its total area is 45226 km2. But prietom it is due to the low population density and extremely careful attitude to nature in Estonia a lot of wild animals. Good hunting, professional organization and the European service, has made Estonia a very popular country among the hunters. To get hunting in a good season, without bothering about booking in advance is almost impossible. Of course the trophies here does not impress with its size, this is not Kamchatka, not Alaska, but 100% guarantee the production of trophy service and comfort, easy logistics and a high professional level outweigh everything.
Hunting has always been a popular pastime in Estonia; Estonian forests once were so rich in game that hunt here even allowed the peasants. In Estonia there are nearly 4 million hectares of hunting grounds, almost a quarter of this is state land and the remainder is distributed among two hundred thousand private property owners. Hunting territories in Estonia 324 and hunters more than 15 thousand.

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Bear hunting
Currently in Estonia there are a total of 500-600 bears, and their number is held constant.
Goose hunting in Estonia
According to estimates of ornithologists only grey goose on the coast Estii accumulates more than 20,000 (more numerous the bean and goose in the calculation is not taken)
Moose hunting in Estonia
Hunting is conducted in a private hunting area of 100 km from Tallinn
Trophy hunting in Estonia
A unique opportunity to hunt wild animals, which in the rest of Europe can only be seen in a zoo