Bear hunting

The sizes of brown bear in Estonia as elsewhere in Europe, much inferior to Kamchatka or North American, but the proximity of hunting grounds, 100% guarantee of production, low price and comfort on a hunt are a huge plus for many hunters. The bears, except females with cubs, it is possible to hunt from ambush or hunting with the approach in the area where the bear harms the forest to avoid further damage.
Hunting is carried out in the wetlands within 100 km from Tallinn. Hunting from a tower on the bait, feeding the bears starts three weeks before the day of the shoot. The radius of coverage of 20 to 100km. The shot is made from distance of 30 and not more than 100m, typically the shot distance is 50-60 m. In case of injury and the presence of blood on the ground, search animal is dogs.
The bear hunting can be combined with a hunt for wild boar, elk, ROE deer, badger, raccoon dog.

Required documents for hunting in Estonia:
• European card for firearms
• ID card or passport
• State hunting license
You need at least two weeks for the issue of permits for hunting in Estonia.

The program of hunting:
Day 1. - Arrival in Tallinn and transfer to hotel, dinner.
Day 2, 3, 4, 5,6 - Evening hunt
Day 7. Breakfast and transfer to the airport
The climate in Estonia can be called a transition from temperate Maritime to temperate continental. This means that the winters in this country is quite mild, and the summer months, alas, are characterized by coolness.
How to get thereHow to get there
Direct two hour flights from Kiev by plane or 1400 km on the car - choose what You like.

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High season

Bear Jan Jul
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
The best time from August 1, when does the hunting and the bear is not scares
The cost of hunting 3450 Euro c hunter
The price includes:
Meeting at the airport and transfer to hunting grounds and back to the airport.
Accommodation in hunting house.
Support of professional guide and all transfers during the hunt (car LC 2015 V.)
All the local hunting permits
Primary preparation of trophies
8 Cites certificate
Not included in the price
International flights
Firearm rental (Blaser) with optics (50 Euro/day)
The cost of the trophy (the table the cost of trophies attached)
Gratuities (recommended up to 200 Euro for guide and up to 80 Euro chef)

The cost of the trophy in Euro:
150 kg - 4500
151kg – 200 kg - 5500
201kg – 250 kg - 6500
251kg – 300 kg - 8000
301 kg – 350 kg - 9000
351 and more - 10000
slip - 2000
wound - 4500

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