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Greenland is an Autonomous territory of Denmark, located on the eponymous island. The island territory of Greenland (Greenland, Kalaallit-Nunaat) has an area of 2 130 800 km2 is the largest island on the planet. Geographically Greenland is on the North-East of North America, between two oceans - the Arctic and the Atlantic. For a long time, the land of Greenland was considered to be the closest to the North pole land.

The Climate Of Greenland

The geographical position of Greenland provides a harsh climate with low, -50°C temperatures, strong winds and heavy rainfall. The most mild climate in the South-Western part of the island, the coast of which is washed by the warm waters Zapadnosibirskogo currents, but here the temperature rarely rises above 11°C and strong winds and heavy rainfall are the norm for any time of year. The surly is the Northern coast where the temperature drops to -52°C (the historical minimum of -65°C), and access to the ocean year-round is blocked by the Arctic ice.

The population

The population of Greenland (the population is about 60 000 people, density of 0.027/km2) consists mainly (about 90 %), the indigenous people of Greenland - the Eskimos. The highest population density in the cities, which are concentrated in the South-West coast, here is the capital of Greenland - Nuuk (Gotham) with a population of 17 000 people.

Hunting and fishing in Greenland

Despite the ice-covered surface (more than 80% of the area) of the island and the relative paucity of species of flora and fauna, the main occupation of the population of Greenland were of old hunting and fishing.

Thanks to the almost guaranteed success, the мost popular hunting in Greenland for musk ox and reindeer. Also hunt hare, partridge, and Fox. Fishing in Greenland is possible both marine and river transport. As a fishing trophy species here are cod, halibut, catfish, sea bass, and, of course, a symbol of the Arctic - the Arctic char.

When planning a hunting or fishing in Greenland, it is recommended to book the tour in advance, and also take care of warm clothes and means of protection from solar radiation.