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Iceland - a piece of Europe cut off from the mainland, the island with changeable and severe climate similar to the climate people. If You are looking for entertainment, here You have nothing to do, but if You love wild beauty of the Northern nature, which is more like a setting for a sci-Fi movie, with steaming volcanic craters, erupting boiling geysers, lava fields, ancient glaciers and vast cold ocean, Iceland will receive You with joy.
But if You're a fisherman or hunter then this is Your island. Rivers of Iceland are teeming with trout and spawning flock here herds of salmon. The fame of Icelandic salmon fishing has long spread beyond this small country. In season on the rivers you can meet the names of firmly holding the position in Forbes magazine, political news, and TV displays.
In Iceland, well aware that fish –is it gold, so the whole recreational fishing is subject to strict rules, it is clearly written not only for each river, but for each part of. Constant monitoring of the fishery and the calculation of the permissible number of fishermen in each stretch of the river keeps fishing pressure to a very low level and does not affect fish stocks.
However, Iceland does not adhere to pravila "catch and release" and You caught the fish belongs to You. Can eat it on the spot or at the nearest fish processing factory to exchange it for finished fish products, our guides will help You with this.
If You are a hunter in Peru, Iceland can not be goose hunting, because it is not unreasonably considered one of the best in Europe. In the autumn three to four weeks every year, the island becomes a place of pilgrimage for lovers of hunting geese.

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