Wolf hunting in Kazakhstan

In Kazakh culture the image of the wolf is found everywhere. Myths link the origin of the people with the heavenly wolf, portrayed on the banners. Akyn Suyunbai left a distinctive line that is heard in the translation:
The wolf head is my battle cry
Wolf place – my home,
When mount wolf banner,
You inspires fighting spirit.
In Kazakhstan, the wolf is found almost everywhere. The highest population density of wolves in the Republic there are in the Western part of Kazakhstan, some regions of Aktobe and Kostanai regions, in the valleys of the rivers Syr Darya, Chu, Or in the mountains and foothills of Zailiysky and Dzungarian Ala-Tau, at lake. Kurgaldjin, Alakul basin and at the lake. Zaisan-nor.
In the Northern forest-steppe areas wolves less.
Wolf hunting is carried out in two ways, with snowmobiles and helicopters.


Venue hunting – the Alma - ATA region,160 km from Almaty, near the village Bakanas. In the specified territory in contrast to the Northern regions of Kazakhstan, the snow cover is unstable and easily blown away by the winds, so the use of snowmobiles for hunting are quite limited. The soil surface is rocky, uneven, which makes hunting for jeep emergency threat. The best is a helicopter hunt. The wolf in the period from mid-September break in the pack by 5-6 goals, staying close to human habitation, ie, ataram sheep. The most effective hunting in the morning, then the wolf is well-fed is tracked and rises with the maturation in the late afternoon. The hunting area is rich and rabbit resting change could take hunting. The farm is located kennel hunting pheasant and if you wish, You will be provided with this dynamic and interesting hunting game in which You help the hunters and trained dogs.
Recommended hunting period 15 December to 15 February, in the period of "wolf weddings", when predators are less cautious, are favored by 3-7 species and kept close to settlements within a radius of 25-40 km, i.e. where it is easier to get food due to the destruction of domestic animals. During this period, the fur from the wolves in perfect condition, allowing you to get a great trophy. Ideal: the departure the day after the snowfall, when it is easy to "read" footprints , and it is easier to calculate the path of predators.
Recommended weapons: When a helicopter wolf hunt applies only smooth-bore weapons with a disabled or without ejector. Automatic guns are not used, due to the fact that throwing shells can get into the air intake of the helicopter will cause it to crash (such cases were and are not rare). The 12 gauge cartridge Rottweil – shot.
Helicopters: two twin-engine helicopter Eurocopter, and backup single-engine Robinson. On the basis of safety standards and ease of shooting in the process of hunting are utilized only twin-engine helicopters, they are a little expensive, but it pays Your security. In addition, Eurocopter large hinged doors, giving the hunter excellent visibility and ease of firing. While hunting in the helicopter located the pilot, a Ranger and two hunters, firing in turn. Change occurs gunmen during landing for the selection of trophies. Average flying time during the hunt 5-6 hours a day (two flights 2.5-3 hours, with 8до 11 and from 15 to 17.30).The day of the hunt obletaet the territory with a radius of about 200km.


Venue hunting district of qarqaraly (territory Temirtasova hunting society) . In these places of the greatest congestion of saigas and therefore the wolf.
Way of hunting: tracking, shelter on the snowmobile, or on a/cars, depending on snow cover
Organization of hunting: Hunting will be conducted within a radius of 200km. Hunting is carried out on the snowmobile (behind the wheel of a huntsman arrows on the back). Delivery to the place of detection pack on SUVs.
Residence hunters in the comfortable house of luxury class, located in the forest near the city. The house can comfortably accommodate 6 people. In the house conference room, at the house of bath.
Tour schedule
Day 1 .The arrival of the delivery team to that location .The settlement,acquaintance with the organizers of hunting and planning.
Day 2,3,4,5,6 hunting from snowmobiles (the last day farewell dinner) and airport transportation.
On the territory of Kazakhstan distinct four seasons with freezing winter, a blossoming spring, a hot summer and scarlet in autumn. Cold winter starts in November until April. Spring is short and changeable. A hot, dry summer lasts from late may to mid-September, Even a mild autumn night frosts interspersed.
How to get thereHow to get there
Regular direct flights to Astana and Almaty, make the journey to Kazakhstan quick and easy. However, areas eye-catching with quality fishing and hunting located at a considerable distance from the international airports and require additional internal flights or long car transfer.

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Во время организации вертолетной охоты на волков проживание в комфортном  доме, на территории баня и кафе. Питание хорошее, можно заказывать по меню. В 200м от кафе вертолетная площадка.

The cost of a wolf hunting on request

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