Hunting Capricorn

The main trophy: Siberian ibex.
Related trophies: ROE deer, wild boar, wolf.
All hunting in Kyrgyzstan are mostly done on horseback, allowing you to penetrate in a secluded or remote places of the land. Be prepared to spend in the saddle up to 8 hours a day. In search of animals examined feeding places and rocky areas, where it is often Capricorns have a rest in the daytime. Upon detection of trophy animals, the approach is on foot. Physical training is an important factor when hunting in high altitude conditions.
The camp is located in a beautiful Urochishche Karasay 90 km away from the road Bishkek – Karakol. Features: steam room, dining room, living room with electricity.

Recommended weapon: 7mm Rem. Mag, 300 Win. Mag., 300 Weath. Mag

We guarantee a 90% success hunting in the fall and 100% in winter.

Hunting begins in the morning. During the day You go around riding the mountain tops, viewing through binoculars hillsides and feeding areas. This hunting involves the tracking and pursuit of prey. During lunch in the fresh air You will be offered hot drinks, sandwiches, salami, dried fruits and nuts. Once the trophy is located, You continue the foot pursuit. Physical form is a significant factor in determining the success of the phase of the pursuit of trophy hunting.
                  The program of hunting for the Siberian ibex

Duration of expedition: 12 days (5-7 days of active hunting)
Hunting season: mid (15) August to mid (15) November
Hunting area: Inner Tien-Shan (Issyk-Kul oblast)
The movement on the hunt: on horse and on foot
The number of hunters in group: 1-5.
Day 1 - arrival in airport "Manas" in Bishkek; assistant of customs clearance;
Day 2 transfer to the hunting area by minibus class "Mitsubishi - Delica"; adaptation to high altitude conditions, zeroing. Rest in base camp.
Days 3-9 active hunting of Capricorn;
Day 10: Rest at base camp;
Day 11 transfer to Bishkek;
Day 12 departure from the airport "Manas" in Bishkek.
during hunting season usually is favorable and more predictable weather. The daytime temperature in October is held in the range of 5 to 15 ° C, nights from -5 to -10 OS. In November, the day -10 to -15 ° C and night -15 to -20 OS.
How to get thereHow to get there
A flight to Bishkek and transfer by car or helicopter to the hunting camp

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High season

Capricorn Jan Jul
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Best time: from September 20 to November 25

The cost of the tour with trophy - 6500 $

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