Hunting farm

Private farm located in the East of Namibia, about 300 km from Windhoek. Hunting grounds (own and leased) has over 100 thousand ha. Hunting is carried out over 20 trophy species of animals, including leopard and Cheetah. On request hunting dangerous animals (lion, elephant, Buffalo, Rhino) in Namibia and Zimbabwe.
Hunting is mostly from the approach. Shooting machines are not welcome, though permitted if the physical condition of the client is not allowed to go. The usual range is from 70 to 250 m. Hunt 1x1 or 2x1 (for each customer or pair of hunters secured a professional hunter with one or two black trackers-porters and a jeep).
Hunting may begin one half hour before sunrise and end half an hour before sunset. No artificial lighting may be used during the hunt

The climate is dry, typical for semi-deserts. The day is usually warm or very hot night — cool. Brief rains are possible in summer in the period from January to April, most often in the first half of the day.
How to get thereHow to get there
The easiest way is by plane flight to Frankfurt, or Athens, where the Windhoek 2-3 times a week flights of airline "Lufthansa" and "air Namibia".

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The season is from February to November 30th.


Accommodation in comfortable bungalows with all conveniences. 16 individually decorated bedrooms with private bathrooms invite guests to get to know the charming Namibian hospitality and atmosphere. There is a bar, a restaurant with excellent cuisine, swimming pool. On site work mobile and Wi-Fi.


Daily rate
hunter (1:1) EU 300 per day
hunter (1:2) EU 250 per day
not a hunter: EU 150 per day

Package 4 antelope. 8 nights\7 days hunting
1. Kaama
2. Oryx
3. Blue Wildebeest
4. Springbok
1 hunter 1 guide - 3950 EU
2 hunters 1 guide - 3450 EU
3 hunters two guide - 3750 EU

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