Hunting for Wolverine in Russia (Asian part). Megatour

Hunting for Wolverine

Place of hunting – Priuralsky district, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug
Vehicles – snowmobiles "Taiga", "Yamaha"
The number of days of hunting – 7
The number of hunters per group – up to 4 people
Cooking on the active part of a route – chum employee (cook)
Accommodation on active part of the route – the national aboriginal tent
Security – staffing division Amaltas in the system of EMERCOM of Russia
The success of a hunt - 70%.

The program of the tour:

1 day. Meeting at the airport Salekhard. Transfer by car to the Parking of snowmobiles (about 60 km by highway). House-hunter, lunch. Instruction. Dressing up in clothes for movement on snowmobiles (hunter brings his). The transfer on snowmobiles to the camp/ national aboriginal and plague to the hunting area. Dinner.
2 – 5 day. Breakfast. Departure on snowmobile to hunt. Lunch at rest. Return to the camp / tent. Dinner.
Day 6. Breakfast. Bath in the field (optional). Summing up. The transfer on snowmobiles to the house-hunter, lunch. Transfer from the city of Salekhard, hotel.
Day 7. Transfer to airport Salekhard.
  The package includes:
- one trophy wolverines
- associated hunting of permitted species of birds
services, guides, hunters, cooks
- accommodation in the base camp. Living conditions – national chum
- three meals a day
- bath (1 time)
- accident insurance, including mediachoice
- snowmobile rent with fuel
- cutting and primary processing of the trophy
The tour price does not include:
- visa support (for foreign citizens)
- permit for import of weapons (for foreign citizens)
- permit for trophy export (for foreign citizens)
- alcohol and other personal expenses
- the cost of transport to the town of Salekhard, including the cost of baggage
- tips for staff
- the additional costs of the hunter, resulting from force majeure (early termination of the hunt at the request of the hunter, the delay of flights due to inclement weather, etc.)
 Special conditions:
Every tourist must have:
- health insurance
- clothes and shoes allowing you comfortable feel while driving a snowmobile at low temperatures and high winds.
- personal hygiene products, personal first aid kit
In January-February - 15C - 20C, it is possible to cold -30C - 40C, winds up to 20 m/with, snow.
How to get thereHow to get there
The tour starts and ends in Salekhard

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