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Slovenia is a Mecca for lovers of fly fishing. When traveling in Slovenia, do not forget about it and be sure to grab a tackle. Here amidst stunning scenery, pristine rivers and lakes, Your trophies are about 100 species of fish, among which are, desirable for any fly fishing as brook trout and lake trout, grayling and taimen. Our guides will lead You through some of the richest rivers in the country, will share local fishing secrets and will do Everything that You took away from Slovenia, only the most pleasant memories.

No less interesting and Slovenia for the hunter. Geographical position, allowing to minimize the time travel, a high level of service and good trophy quality animal, attract lovers time-consuming and not very comfortable hunting. Major trophies, followed by travel to Macao - fallow deer, mouflon and Cernay

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Hunting in Slovenia
Our tours are focused primarily of course on the hunt, but You can combine your favorite hobby and spend a vacation with family (friends, loved one), as well as to improve their health at the Spa, or go skiing in the Alps, or relax on the Adriatic coast.