Wild boar hunting in Turkey

Hunting area: the Mediterranean region, Antalya
Tour 5 nights of hunting/7 days stay.
Types of hunting: individual (tower or approach) and stable (for groups of 10 hunters).
Accommodation: depending on the method and hunting area this can be a hotel, and a house in a mountainous area, and a campground.
The recommended caliber of guns: 8×68 S 300 Win. Mag., 30-06, 7×64.
Individual hunting: in the evening the hunter up at their hotel and driven to the hunting in hunting farm, which is close to the hotel. Hunting grounds, as they are used for agriculture, in most cases, flat and easily accessible. Trekking is not very long, so during the night you can explore several fields in different directions.
Driven hunt: in this hunt fires back 10-15 animals wild pigs, while the number of cleavers produced is approximately 10%. A hunting day is arranged approximately|around| 3-4 of the pen. The organizer of the hunt has more than 20 specially trained dogs, which both are never used and for each paddock has fresh dog.
Accommodation will be arranged in the cosy hunting lodges or in comfortable hotels.
Hunting tour begins at the airport where our representative will meet You to help in customs procedures. This is followed by a well-organized transfer, accompanied by a professional guide to pre-reserved hunting grounds. Before Your arrival, the Rangers inspect the hunting area and inform You of the number and the sizes available in this boar. Individual hunting is carried out solely in the night of the full moon. Experience shows that the most effective hunting with the approach. Day while the huntsmen to examine the place the night hunting the hunters rest.
The average weight of wild boars varies in the range of 150-250 kg, and the length of their tusks 21-29 cm
Turkey is a country where mountains dominate the landscape. Summer in the inner continental regions throughout Turkey is hot and dry, winters are snowy and cold. The Aegean and the Mediterranean sea the climate is mild, warm Mediterranean. The average winter temperature (January) is around 5°C during the summer (July) - about 23°C.
How to get thereHow to get there
Direct flight from Kiev (currently unavailable)
By bus from Kiev

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Лучшее время для охоты загоном: с 15 сентября по 20 февраля, с вышки:  1 мая-31 октября, охота с подхода: 20 декабря-31 марта.
Individual hunting (7 days/5 nights hunt)
Price: 1.890 € per hunter

5 nights of hunting
accommodation near land (full Board)
all licenses and fees
all transfers
Rangers, guides, interpreter
The cost of additional boars:
0-14.9 cm 350 €
15-17.9 cm - 750 €
18 - 20.9 cm - 1.000 €
21-23.9 cm - 1570 €
24-and over - 2,100 €
Driven hunting (group of 10 people)
Price for one hunter - 2.990 €

4 days of hunting
all the trophies
hotel accommodation (full Board)
license to hunt,
emissionnye fees
customs clearance,
transfer from / to the airport

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