Hunting in the Great Karoo region

Big Karoo, an arid region covering most of the centre of Africa, and constituting a basin between the Cape mountains and the Great Escarpment. It is the least populated part of the country. At the heart of this wild land is located hunting farm “Ratelfontein” known с1838 years and covers an area of 15000 hectares, which is home to more than 2,000 head of indigenous and exotic plains game. Twenty-five different antelope roam the plains of Ratelfontein, including rare Arabian Oryx, the Saharan Oryx, red lechwe, Indian blackbuck Antelope and Black.
"Ratelfontein" one of the few places outside of America where you can get a magnificent trophy American bison.
Hunting is carried out from the approach, but the search for the desired trophy is on the car. Average shooting distance 150-200m.
There is a rental gun 300 Win Mag, 270 I. 243 Mannlicher.
Great Karoo - this is a typical semi-desert, the most arid region of South Africa. The amount of precipitation varies from 100 mm in the West to 400 East. Most of the precipitation vypadaet in the winter. Average annual temperatures vary from 13°to 18°C. the Most hot (above 20°C) in winter..
How to get thereHow to get there
Ratelfontein is 650km from Cape town, 800 km from Johannesburg. Hunters arrive in Bloemfontein where there's a 4 hour car transfer or lease private jets King Air 200 or Pilatus PC12 to deliver directly to the farm, which has its own runway..

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Daily rate
hunter (1:1) EU 400 per day (plain animals)
hunter (1:1) EU 480 a day (the big five)
hunter (1:2) EU 300 per day
not a hunter: EU 200 per day